Why aren’t nootropics working for me?

Nootropics don’t work for everyone. At least not initially. For some, they’ll never work well. But for most people, it’s a matter of removing interactions between them and other compounds, to make them work. 

It use to urke me a bit seeing people talk about how nootropics don’t work for them, and there being some sort of undertone of skepticism about the entire industry as a whole.

It’s as if people were taking compounds that they didn’t understand, with other compounds they were completely unconscious might interfere, getting little to no results, and quickly denouncing the legitimacy of nootropics.

Nootropics are legit. Trust me. If you can get certain compounds to work well for you, you won’t need any more convincing.

One good solid period of brain function in response to a nootropic compound and you’ll be sold. A noticeable increase in productivity and executive thinking and you’re sold for life. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur. 

But if you aren’t responding particularly well to certain nootropic compounds, it isn’t likely that it’s because they just “dont work.” That implies a lack of understanding of nootropics.

It’s more likely that something you’re taking is interacting with the nootropic, and rendering it nil.

A good example would be L-Tyrosine and Uridine monophosphate. Uridine works on dopamine receptors. But Tyrosine increases dopamine quantity. So – somehow, in this interaction, taking Tyrosine with Uridine for some people renders the Uridine useless! The effect is nil.

High dose theanine and certain cholinergics work the same way for certain people. Theanine increases the alpha brain wave frequency and calms the mind. Cholinergics (Racetams, Choline sources, etc) are very stimulatory.

So – taking lots of L-theanine with certain cholinergics, like perhaps Aniracetam, CDP Choline, Uridine, or Noopept, might negate some of the stimulatory effects of the cholinergics. I see this all of the time.

Another great example is taking Ashwagandha with certain nootropics. Ashwagandha decreases resting cortisol. It calms the brain. It has an effect on increasing the neurotransmitter GABA.

Therefore, nootropics that might work by lowering GABA, like Modafinil for example, may not mesh well with Ashwagandha.

I run into many situations in which people ask me questions about why certain compounds aren’t effecting them. And invariably, once we start narrowing down what they’re taking, we get them to remove something from their stack and the nootropic starts working for them.

In the video, we’ll discuss some of these examples, as well as the principle of removing interactions in your daily stack, to make nootropics work the right way.

The biggest takeaway is that in most cases, there IS A REASON nootropics aren’t working well for you. And it’s likely an interaction between something you’re taking, and whatever nootropic you’re trying to get working for you. Enjoy the video below!!

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