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High Level Nootropic Stacks

World renowned nootropic stacks, high level biohacking consulting, and nootropics courses.

Happy Customers

High rate of satisfaction

Expert Research

Scientifically nuanced research and development

Highly Effective

Nootropic stacks that HIT HARD, and do their job at turning your brain on

Meet Cortex

Flow in a bottle

Take 2 capsules, and within 20 minutes, enter a pristine, high level focus and flow state.

Cortex Nootropic Stack
High Level Focus
Pristine Flow
Stimulant/Balancer combo
Motivation and Energy
Crushes Brain Fog

Torque Nootropic Stack



"The most purchased Nootropic Stack on the Internet"

Torque was designed for hardcore mental energy that lasts. The Torque stack delivers clean energy, high level motivation, extreme focus, and an enhanced cognitive state.

Torque was designed for everyday use, and can be taken 5-7 days a week. For extra high level stimulation and brain power, stack Torque with our other globally shipped Nootropic, Cortex.


Expert level male performance coaching

Hire Ryan for targeted nootropic formulations, testosterone optimization, TRT protocol dialing, energy optimization, and cognitive restoration.

Ryan executed a rigorous fact finding with me, got the root of my brain performance AND hormonal issues, and gave me some highly targeted protocols and within WEEKS I was feeling better. Worth every cent, guys. This dude is the real deal.

Nootropic Regimen Formulation
TRT Protocol optimization
Energy Optimization
Erectile Dysfunction Resolution
Brain chemistry repair
Custom protocol formulation
Misc Expert level biohacking guidance

Nootropic Guides

Books, stack lists, and downloadable guides

All written and created by 16 year Nootropic veteran, Ryan Michael Ballow

The Racetam God Guide

The all in one guide breaking down all racetam nootropics

Stack List

A full on, no frills list of highly effective, done for you nootropic stacks

Smarter Better Faster Interactive Audiobook

A full breakdown of EVERY nootropic, in an action packed video/audiobook.

Nootropic Stacks for the business professional

A full list of Nootropic stacks oriented toward business productivity brain states

Nootropics and performance courses

Our most popular Nootropics and performance courses

Nootropics Ground Zero

The first level course for beginners with Nootropics, that teaches you the ropes, and shows you how to build stacks. Buy this course if you are brand new to using Nootropics.

Nootropics God Course

The highest level, expert echelon course on using Nootropics. This course teaches you the highest level principles of nootropics usage, that only the 10 year + experts know.

Nootropics Master Class

The mid level course to ascend to the 6 year mark in Nootropics expertise. Buy this course if you're 0-3 years into using Nootropics, and want to get better results.

Getting on TRT

The everything you need to know guide on getting on Testosterone Replacement Therapy


The long awaited, highly requested TRT Guide

Getting on TRT explains from A-Z, how to get started on TRT, and breaks down injection frequency, administration methods, what you can expect in terms of libido, erection quality, energy. and workout recovery, and makes highly effective protocol suggestions to perfect your TRT protocol. 

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