High Performance Protocols for Men

Cortex Labs is the maker of two globally shipped and recognized Nootropic Stacks, and a Coaching/Consulting company on TRT, Hormone optimization, Libido/Erectile enhancement, dopamine restoration, and general biohacking. 

Meet Torque

Strong mental stimulation, with powerful background motivation, energy, and focus accents. Torque was built to:

Meet Cortex

A rapidly onsetting brain stimulant targeted for extreme mental performance, Cortex was designed to: 


Unlock Your Best Self with our products

Stacks: Torque

Torque Nootropic Stack

The powerhouse of Nootropic Stacks, Torque replaces people’s hardcore pharmaceutical stimulants, and offers a better, equally strong, but more integrated brain performance, motivation, energy, and productivity experience. 


1 on 1 Coaching

Work directly with Ryan, on TRT, TRT add-ons, natural hormone enhancement, gonadotropin optimization, libido/erectile enhancement, dopamine restoration, and large scale sexual dysfunction resolution.

Supercharge dopamine

Supercharge Dopamine Course

Dive deep into real, proven effective protocols for hacking the dopaminergic system of the brain, at your will. 

Stacks: Cortex

The Cortex Nootropic Stack

Built for high level men, Cortex delivers instant stimulant brain performance, to help you achieve focus, flow, and productivity. 


Nootropics Mastery

The only course you need to understand how to use nootropics, and get powerful brain performance enhancing benefits. 

Getting on TRT Guide

Getting on TRT

The “guide for dummies” on getting on TRT. Protocols, esters, strategies, and directions for beginners to TRT. 

Nootropic Protocol Design

Nootropic Regimens

With Ryan’s help, we’ll have you firing on all cylinders mentally, with the advanced use of Nootropic agents, peptides, and highly effective nutraceuticals.

TRT/HRT + Protocol Design

TRT/HRT + Protocol Design

Hire Ryan to perfect your TRT, HRT, or TRT + Protocol, infused with 10 years of working with real men, and getting results.

4M total views | 60K Views a Month | 10 years of content

The highest level Youtube Channel on Male Performance Optimization

The Cortex Labs Youtube channel is growing rapidly, and has a large audience of avid biohackers, TRT enthusiasts, Nootropics users, and hormone optimization experimenters. 

All things TRT, including gonadotropins, TRT add-ons, all testosterone esters, and more.

Discussion on Proviron, Masteron, Primobolan, Testosterone Cream, and more.

Deep breakdowns, advice, and discussion on powerful muscle building and androgenizing agents.

Targeted advice and scientific breakdowns on optimizing the male libido, and erection. 

Everything from full dopamine restoration, to acute dopamine hacking. 

Every nootropic in the book, mechanisms of action, effects, and dosing protocols. 

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