Torque Nootropic Stack

The Most Potent Nootropic Stack on the Market

"Torque is the most intelligently put together stimulant Nootropic stack on the market. I take this stuff 5X a week and my energy is through the roof."
Milo Yanitz
Back end Developer

FEEL YOUR BRAIN turn on within 25 minutes of dosing.

Buy Torque and Feel REAL Nootropic Stimulation


Built from the ground up, specifically with Potency in mind, Torque was constructed to be one of the most noticeable, most powerfully energizing Nootropic stacks available.


Torque was made with ENERGY and stimulation in mind. Take 2 capsules of Torque before heading to the gym or to your workout, and you will not be sorry you did. Have the extra mental edge to crush your workouts and feel amazing doing it.


Take Torque 5-7X weekly, and enjoy continuous energy, motivation, and brain function. We built Torque to be taken consistently, to ongoingly deliver powerful brain performance.


Not all Stimulants are created equal. You want a clean, seamless, and powerful stimulant effect with your stack. Torque was formulated to induce the cleanest stimulation one can experience.


Torque also operates as a Testosterone boosting stack for men. The Mucuna Pruriens in the stack has been clinically demonstrated to raise blood levels of Testosterone, giving you both the mental edge, and the sexual advantage.


TORQUE will onset between 15-25 minutes for most users, allowing you to get right to work, and right in the mode of noticeable mental energy and power.



Dubbed "the strongest caffeine alternative stimulant on the planet," Teacrine delivers high level brain energy without the jitters. It's a chemical analog, or "cousin," of the Caffeine molecule, but operates in a more powerful, balanced way to prevent over-stimulation and promote calm energy.


As one of the most powerful energy, focus, and mental processing speed Nootropics, ALCAR plays a crucial role in layering in brain performance functionality to Torque. ALCAR removes Lipofuscin, optimizes brain cell mitochondria, and helps foster the synthesis of a powerful neurochemical called Acetylcholine.


The strongest and most potent choline source on the planet, "CDP" choline delivers strong motivation, focus, and memory, and forms a powerful synergy with the ALCAR, Teacrine, Mucuna, and Theobromine in this stack.


The most direct precursor and building block the Dopamine, Mucuna Pruriens is the safest, best tolerated way to keep Dopamine levels at healthy levels. But that isn't all: Mucuna raises serum testosterone levels, elevates noradrenaline, and delivers powerful, ongoing motivation, mood benefits, and drive. Think: Calm, but intense energy and focus.


Theobromine, called "Caffeine's majestically powerful sister," is a super Nootropic. It acts directly where you need it, in preventing the neuro-chemistry behind tiredness. Theobromine will help prevent those daily crashes in energy, and keep you stable, and functional.




Holy crap! This stuff is like legal speed (am I allowed to say this? lol). My brain literally switches on after dosing Torque. I've taken 10 ingredient, expensive stacks that DON'T COME CLOSE to this effect! Rock on Ryan. Another masterpiece my man.
Bryce Bennet
Construction company owner
A rock solid stack. This stuff gets me through an 8 hour work day with ease. My baseline is pretty good, but taking Torque makes me bulletproof. Highly suggested. Get it auto-shipped!
Brian Semora
Amateur Bodybuilder
Powerful stuff right here. There was no question when I took it the first time that Torque was doing something very noticeable. I wouldn't go throughout my work day without it! Energy is super peak! Thanks Ryan!
Rush Grantree
Manager, Production Facility
I'm a limo driver, and I need my FOCUS. Torque lights me up, and gets me dialed in, to not only drive on point, but execute the best possible hospitality for my clients. I am in love with this stack. Kudos guys!
Lane Richards
Transportation Specialist
Extremely stimulating stack! I had to dial my caffeine dose down just a bit because of how powerful Torque is, and frankly, I don't mind. I just like being at that high performance mental level. Torque is the best stack out there hands down.
Joey Reilly
Real Estate Professional
No other commercial nootropic stack touches this. Hands down, this stack wins. I get focus, mental energy, motivation, and a powerful pep in my step with Torque. Couldn't recommend it more. Get you some Torque! The stuff is awesome.
Jane Magney
USPS Regional Logistics Manager

Torque Nootropic Stack

Get Torque cheaper on Subscription and have elite level brain performance shipped to your doorstep, monthly.

FEEL YOUR BRAIN turn on within 25 minutes of dosing.

Feel what REAL Stimulation feels like

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