Nootropics Anecdote: Aniracetam and Multi-Tasking


Photo courtesy of Neil Conway, on

Photo courtesy of Neil Conway, on

Aniracetam is a pretty epic smart drug.

I’ve taken it on and off for years, and now keep it in the arsenal to use in specific situations.

It’s one of the many racetam smart drugs, which explains a unique bunch of compounds that mostly work on acetylcholine and glutamate receptors, inducing a functional benefit in areas like working memory, verbal fluency, and mental energy.

Aniracetam is particularly stimulating to me. I take it, and without about 30 minutes I feel remarkably pepped to get things done.

But it’s weird: the kind of productivity I get from Aniracetam is not the kind that results from singular focus. It’s from a heavy duty ability to engage in 5 things at once, effortlessly.

I don’t usually like to multi-task. I’d rather sit down and focus on one important thing, and execute the hell out of it.

But with Aniracetam, it’s apparent to me that it actually enhances my ability, and inclination to multi-task, and unlike my usual reluctancy to do so, I actually thoroughly enjoy multi-tasking while using Aniracetam. 

I run a few businesses. Surrogate Labs (DBA Cortex), which makes the Cortex nootropic stack, and iMobileRescue Inc (iMR), a corporate iOS device services company. For “iMR,” there are a myriad of administrative tasks that I have to engage nearly everyday.

I’m frequently opening Quickbooks online and making small changes and accepting transactions. I’m constantly interacting with customers via email, and there’s always a plethora of backend admin stuff that I have to get done, to appropriately manage various parts of the company.


And Aniracetam gives me this lightening fast mobility to bounce back and forth between admin/work related tasks, without losing focus or efficacy. It’s actually pretty cool!

It’s almost like Aniracetam turns up the “excitement knob” in my brain around work related stuff. Most of the time, the admin work that I have to get done bores me to death, but Aniracetam transforms my brain into a multi-tasking, admin work completing machine. And it’s pretty awesome.

My dose on Aniracetam is a cool 700MG, and it’s usually best for me to get 300MG of choline bitartrate with it, to supply the acetylcholine my brain might over-use in response to the racetam.

It usually lasts 2-4 hours, with the most intense portion of the effects tapering off at right about the 2 hour mark.

In the past, it has slightly fussed with my ability to fall asleep, so I try to take it earlier in the day. Sleep is sacred to me, and is the ultimate nootropic, that no actual nootropic can cure a deficit of entirely.

But suffice it to say that Aniracetam is quite the useful weapon in my nootropics arsenal, to crank out a lot of admin, or otherwise laptop work, and be able to effortlessly switch between small 5-10 minute tasks that need to get done.

It’s stimulating to me. It fires my brain up to get in the driver’s seat of my laptop, and crank out work. It allows me to hold a bit more information in my working memory, and adds a bit of a creative spice to my brain function.

I think Aniracetam is one of those nootropics that you can likely take quite a lot, that might be safe to take (with cycling) long term.

It’s stimulating, energizing, and facilitative of getting a lot of multi-tasking work done. I normally snag my Aniracetam from Powder City (no affil), and a 10G bag lasts me quite some time.

I capsule the powder w/ a home capsule maker, and double zero capsules, and try to get some fat in my diet around the time of administration, to facilitate absorption.

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