LCNP 009: Noopept: Power, Science, and Pitfalls

podcast_headerOn this episode of the Cortex Nootropics podcast, we’re delving deep into the infamous smart drug Noopept. Since this smart drug has such a wide range of effects for people, we discuss both the extremely powerful positive effects of the drug, and the profoundly negative side effects that some portion of experimenters experience.

We’ll discuss:

  1. Noopept’s mechanisms of action.
  2. The 3 main compounds Noopept converts to in your body (
    • Phenylacetic acid
    • Prolylglycine
    • Cyclo-prolylglycine – a dipeptide (that combines Proline and Glycine) that naturally occurs in the nervous system).
  3. The detailed mechanisms of action behind Noopepts primary active nootropic, Cycloprolylglycine.
  4. Noopept nasal spray.
  5. Noopept dosages.
  6. How Noopept affects me.
  7. Side effects of Noopept.
  8. Noopept and short term memory loss.
  9. Noopept and long term memory retrieval.
  10. Noopept and verbal fluency.

Relevant links/studies

  1. Noopept and short term memory loss – Longecity thread.
  2. What’s the verdict on Noopept and short term memory? – r/Nootropics.
  3. Noopept affecting short term memory – r/Nootropics.
  4. Noopept first experience and short term memory problems – r/Nootropics.
  5. Noopept Nasal Spray – experiences and dosages – LiveCortex.
  6. Neuroprotective effect of novel cognitive enhancer noopept on AD-related cellular model involves the attenuation of apoptosis and tau hyperphosphorylation – Pubmed.
  7. The exact chemical optimization of Piracetam to Noopept – r/Nootropics.
  8. Noopept stimulates the expression of NGF and BDNF in rat hippocampus – Pubmed.
  9. Noopept –

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