Noopept Nasal Spray – Effects, Experiences, & Dosages

Limitless Life Nootropics Nasal Noopept SprayI’ve been hearing about Noopept nasal spray for quite some time now. I hadn’t really payed any attention to it, because the oral method of administration with nootropics/smart drugs is both sufficient and predictably safe for me. I know just what I’m getting, and how it’s going to effect me.

But recently, someone I’m newly connected to on Facebook, who owns a company called Limitless Life Nootropics, that sells smart drugs and nootropic compounds, reached out to me to send me a sample of their Noopept nasal spray. The owner, a one Christopher Michael Mercer, seems highly focused on purity and quality, which is a really cool thing. So when he sent me the Certificate of Analysis for their Noopept compound, and it was .5% above the standard (which is 99%, rendering their product 99.5% pure), I was into the idea of trying it. And I did. And it was an interesting experience. But I’ll get to that in a second. First though..

What is the Noopept Smart Drug?

Simply put: Noopept is a smart drug compound that improves focus, memory, verbal recall, and has some anti-anxiety properties. It converts to a few different chemicals in the body, but the primary (and compound responsible for its efficacy) is Cyclo-prolylglycine, which is an endogenous peptide that modifies the acetylcholine system, and AMPA receptors in the brain in a positive way.

Thanks to a Reddit user in r/Nootropics, I actually managed to snag a list of some of the mechanisms of action behind Cyclo-prolylglycine. They are:

  1. It’s a Glutamate NMDA receptor blocker.
  2. A Glutamate AMPA receptor blocker.
  3. An Allosteric glutamate AMPA receptor agonist.
  4. It suppresses calcium-gated potassium channels.
  5. It also suppresses voltage-gated calcium channels.
  6. And it also suppresses voltage-gated potassium channels.
  7. Cyclo-prolylglycine can bind to Calcium ions and magnesium ions.

In the end, these mechanisms (and the Reddit user Marianco mentioned that this wasn’t even the full list) and more are responsible for the effects one gets while taking Noopept. It also stimulates the expression of Nerve Growth Factor, and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, two of the most interesting elements of brain function involved in neuronal regulation and growth. The compound is unregulated, and thus unscheduled as far as I can tell, in the US, rendering it legal to use and buy.

It’s safety is assured by one of its co-creators, a woman named Rita Ostrovskaya, a russian neuroscientist with a background in molecular biology, and there are years of anecdotal reports on the web of nootropics experimenters taking the substance and though some side effects are reported that seem to be temporary or transient, the drug seems well tolerated otherwise. At the bottom of this post, we’ll list some links to some user’s experiences on side effects of Noopept, if you’re interested.

But let’s first get into what I’m sure you’re waiting for…

My Experience With Noopept Nasal Spray

I should first start off by saying, the potency of Noopept nasal spray is far more than oral administration (taken via a capsule). The dose range for oral Noopept is between 10-30MG, twice or three times daily. I usually only dose with the compound once per day at 13MG, which is my sweet spot that I’ve experimented to find. And it’s pretty delightful.

I normally experience drastic improvements in verbal recall, working memory, reading comprehension capacity, and overall connection with life when taking oral Noopept. It’s mildly psychedelic for me, in that it sort of makes me think deeper into things, and exacerbates the already highly functional philosopher in me. It’s really pretty cool.

But using the nasal administration protocol for Noopept was some other thing entirely. Let me explain.

First, the dosing is different. So where I normally require 13MG orally, with nasal spray, I only require 3MG, which is 2 sprays. The founder of Limitless Life Nootropics explained to me that each spray is 1.5MG of Noopept, but that 3MG of Noopept spray (2 sprays) is about equivalent to 13MG of oral Noopept, which is my sweet spot dose.

However, when dosing with 2 sprays, I experienced a profoundly annoying tiredness that came on almost immediately, and lasted about 30 minutes. It wasn’t a great experience, and I’ll tell you why that happened: that wasn’t my sweet spot. As I laid out above, and I want to be clear, this is directly from the owner of LLN, 3MG of the spray (2 sprays) is roughly equivalent to 13MG of oral Noopept; but I think it’s actually a bit more potent than that. perhaps 2 sprays was similar to 15-20MG of oral Noopept for me, and that’s why I experienced a pronounced tiredness from 2 sprays.

But the rest of that experience was actually quite pleasant. The tiredness subsided in 30 minutes, and what was left over was a pronounced anxiolytic effect, one that I’ve never felt before. I was super calm. Just, ok with things. Content. Satisfied.

And I’m NEVER that way! I’m a ruthlessly busy entrepreneur with large goals. I own 2 national companies and I rarely give myself an entire day off. My mind is always thinking about how I can improve things, solve problems, or move forward in some way.

But the anxiolytic effect brought on by this batch of Noopept nasal spray changed all of that. It felt as if I had recovered from burnout, a state I get in sometimes when I’ve worked myself to the bone and haven’t given myself the time to play, and or relax. And that was a pretty interesting position.

But – there was still the initial period of tiredness, which made me curious of the notion that I simply required a different dose to get my normal functional benefits from Noopept. Perhaps a smaller dose.

In line with the position a good nootropics experimenter should have (ruthless experimentation and endless titrating until a perfect dose is found), I kept trying. The next logical strategy would be to dose with one spray, and see what comes of it. So I waited 24 hours and did so.

And that was my sweet spot. 1 spray of Noopept nasal and I was on my way. It essentially mimicked my normal 13MG dose with oral Noopept, and seemed to onset a bit quicker and be a bit cleaner.

I had verbal fluency benefits, working memory benefits, reading comprehension improvements as usual, and it was quite the delightful experience. This highlights the importance of finding your sweet spot.

In many of the various nootropics forums on the web, I see people making the mistake of deeming a smart drug ineffective after a mere dose of the compound.

One needs to consider and experiment with various dosages, understand most of the co-factors involved in the synthesis of the neurotransmitters involved in the effects of the compound, and adjust/prepare accordingly.

So – all of that said, once I found my sweet spot dose, I was able to have a good experience with LLN’s Noopept nasal spray. To be clear, I have no financial affiliation with the company. But I do have an affinity for Noopept, and think it’s a very interesting compound.

Overall, would I use the Noopept nasal spray on a daily basis? No. Because I believe in cycling, and I rotate a bunch of different smart drugs/nootropics into my routine throughout the month, but this will be a great addition to store in the arsenal, and break out when applicable.

My experience with Limitless Life Nootropics’ version of it was great. The whole experience was great really. The founder of the company was really cordial, punctual, and informative. And the product is damn good. Thanks for reading —

Anecdotally Reported Side Effects of Noopept

I’ve compiled a short list of anecdotally reported side effects of taking Noopept, for those of you interested. I think it’s important to note that though for some people, this is a wonder drug, for others, it’s a complete disaster.

It should also be considered that for a lot of people that report side effects, their dose range is either on the high end of the recommended dose, or way out of that range. It’s also a theory of mine that Noopept could possibly expose an underlying B vitamin deficiency, and that is partially responsible for some of the negative effects people are getting in the below (and elsewhere) experiences. — RMB

  1. Noopept affecting short term memory.
  2. Noopept first experience and short term memory problems.
  3. Noopept and short term memory loss.
  4. Experiences with Noopept.

Final Cautionary Note/Notice

Though this method of administration seems to be well tolerated, in the small subset of people in the nootropics community that have sampled it, me included, this was not how the creators of the compound intended for it to be ingested.

There are no studies that I know of that discuss the safety, or efficacy of this method of Noopept administration. In trying nasal Noopept spray, you are doing so AT YOUR OWN RISK. 


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