You’re Taking Too Many Nootropics

nootropics_overkill_headerSmart drugs and nootropics are some of my favorite things on the planet. I’ve been able to, with the right nootropic stack, build 2 national companies, and improve my functionality in every imaginable way.

But you can certainly engage in “nootropics overkill,” where because your baseline is not optimal enough, and there are other factors in play that you need to optimize, you require far higher doses of crazy combos of nootropics to improve your brain performance.

Someone recently sent in an email to asking for me to critique his stack. The stack was:

  1. 750MG Oxiracetam
  2. 1000MG Aniracetam
  3. 2G Piracetam
  4. 600MG Alpha GPC
  5. 250MG Choline Bitartrate
  6. 100MG DMAE
  7. 300MG Ashwagandha
  8. 200MG L-Theanine

My first reaction was: this stack is overkill. If you’re looking to get some sort of insane, usable, burst of brain energy that puts you in an awkwardly heightened state, you’re trying to use nootropics like you use scheduled substances, and that’s not how they’re meant to be used.

But if you’re honestly trying to get yourself a great brain state, and require such high doses of a myriad of compounds, there may be a way for you to fix the requirement for so much. The stack above is largely overkill in my opinion, MEANING, that if you optimize your baseline correctly, and address issues in your brain and body that have to do with neurological functioning (or anything that influences it), you can drastically take down the doses and simplify the stack, and STILL get the same effect, if not better.

I understand that there are some anomalous people for whom taking higher doses of a bunch of nootropics/smart drugs is really required no matter what they do to optimize their baselines, to realize the most powerful effects, and I’m really not addressing those people here.

I’m addressing the person new to nootropics (1-2 years in) that generally resides in the camp of more is more. Thanks for watching!!

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