Yohimbine taken too late at night ruins sleep

Yohimbine is a powerful nootropic stimulant. It increases blood flow in various areas of the body and brain, and optimizes the way you use and release norepinephrine.

Yohimbine Nootropic Effects: The primary effects achieved when taking Yohimbine are stimulant in nature. You can expect a sudden increase in alertness and mental acuity, that lasts 3-7 hours, and turns on your ability to be productive.

Yohimbine Nootropic Dose Range: The best dose range to take Yohimbine in is 5-30MG, with most people finding a sweet spot at 10-20MG.

Yohimbine Side Effects: There are a few side effects (one of which we’ll mention in this video) that come along with taking Yohimbine as a nootropic stimulant, including: heart palpitations, increased thirst, anxiety, and a general feeling of unwellness.

Primary Video Points: In this video, we’ll explain how taking Yohimbine in 20MG quantities or more, after 7PM, can lead to sleep problems. In fact, it has been replicated in some of our followers, that this disrupts sleep considerably, and leaves the user in a state where they’re restless, unable to stay asleep, and thus, worn and tired the following day.

Cortex Labs nootropics notes: Yohimbine is one of the most powerful stimulant nootropics one can take for mental energy and alertness. It is best used to induce mental energy in times of need, when you need a fast acting, energizing stimulant. The primary issue with it is when the dose goes over a certain threshold (typically 20-30MG for most people), many side effects arise.

Thus – it is best to approach this compound very wisely, and ensure you don’t take it too late at night.

Yohimbine taken too late KEEPS YOU UP from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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