Will Lion’s Mane Improve My Long Term Memory?

The Lion’s Mane mushroom has long been the topic of discussions around long term memory improvement. And rightfully so.

There are some convincing clinical studies that demonstrate that Lion’s Mane mushroom facilitates the expression of Nerve Growth Factor.

Which always begs the question: can Lion’s mane mushroom improve long term memory functionality?

After all: it works directly on facilitating Nerve Growth Factor signaling, which in essence, is an agent of neuronal growth and repair.

It’s these types of nootropics that are usually quite subtle in their acute effects, but strong longer term.

They don’t feel like racetams for example, in that they give you a stimulatory, noticeable effect, but instead they subtly allow your brain to process better, in the area of memory.

Lion’s Mane and Long Term Memory

I’ll break this down super definitively:

Nootropic taken: Lion’s mane mushroom
Duration taking it: 1 month, 3 weeks
Dose: 300-500MG per day
Acute effects: mild stimulation, nothing else to report
Long term effects: at month 1, childhood memories randomly arose, in significant clarity. I could remember names of friends that I haven’t thought about for 20 years.

Other instances from my childhood, that were a bit less clear, were a lot more clear.

The effect seemed to taper off when I stopped taking the compound. So my assessment of it is, that for longer term long term memory improvements (that last), you’d have to consistently take the compound, for 3 or more months.

In this video, I’ll explain my experience with Lion’s mane, hopefully to encourage other folks to give it a shot, if they’re running into long term memory issues.

The initial question that came in via email, was regarding a person who has been experiencing long term memory issues, and was inquiring into whether or not Lion’s Mane would help him. Enjoy!

Will Lion's Mane Improve My Long Term Memory? from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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