Using Nootropics Optimally: Fix Your Problem, Then Cycle Off

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nootropics are some of the best used nutraceuticals and drugs out there. So many of them don’t have horrific side effects when taken correctly, like most pharma drugs, and depending on what system you’re targeting, you can dramatically improve the functioning of your brain fro taking them.

But one can take it too far, and nootropics can be used out of the correct context.

Nootropics are nothing to mess with. They work on neurotransmitters, and receptor sites, very directly. Your brain is a sensitive instrument, and you don’t want to be indiscriminately taking substances that cross the blood brain barrier.

But nootropics can offer a wide variety of solutions to a myriad of mental ailments, to include brain fog, memory loss, verbal fluency issues, motivation problems, focus problems, and more, when taken in the right doses, and approached with a great level of granularity.

I’ve had some seriously low epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels in the past. How did I know? I started taking L-Tyrosine, and ALL of my symptoms vanished, and I felt like my normal, productive, motivated self again.

I’ve had focus issues, and other information processing issues. Started taking a good concoction that works on the cholinergic system, and boom, fixed the problem.

But once you fix a problem in a particular neurotransmitter system, it might be beneficial just to stop. 

Perhaps move onto another nootropic! Or cycle off of nootropics all together for a while and let your brain enjoy the balance. Then, move onto a completely different nootropic thereafter. If you’re coming off of Alpha GPC, and you’ve used it to balance your brain because you were having focus issues, cycle off when you feel back to baseline or above average, and then maybe shoot for some Racetams to get your gears going.

The point is, as you’ll see me make in the video, a great way to approach nootropics is to have a hypothesis about which neurotransmitter system is faulty, take the necessary precursors to those neurotransmitters or nootropics that work on that system, assess where you’re at if you make it back to baseline functionality, or optimal functionality, and then try cycling off to see what happens. You don’t want to induce another imbalance, by trying to fix the first one. 

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