Using Nootropics for MORNING brain power

Cognitive power RIGHT when you wake up is important. I mean: the capacity to get OUT OF BED because you FEEL COGNITIVELY ADEPT is huge for productivity.

And there’s a way to achieve this with nootropics. Of course, there’s the idea of just taking nootropics right when you wake up. Something like: 300MG ALCAR/150MG Theacrine, will get you right in gear.

Same thing with 100MG of Modafinil. Or the Cortex nootropic stack.

But, the real strategy is to take CERTAIN nootropics the day before, to achieve good brain performance the moment you wake up.

And to do that, there’s two major things you have to target:

  1. Nootropics that have a long half-life
  2. Nootropics that synergize well together, and have acutely noticeable effects.

And the strategy that I’ve found works the best, which we’ll explain in the video, is:

  1. 150MG Uridine monophosphate
  2. 80MG CDP Choline
  3. Take at 3-4PM the day before you want to wake up with good cognitive function
  4. ROCK ON!


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