Tips On Taking Nootropics: The Proximity Of Food Intake And Sleep

Nootropics are best taken in a specific proximity to food. You want to make sure that, in the case of The Cortex Nootropic (Gen1), and others, that you take the nootropic 40 or so minutes after you eat.

I wish I had the scientific explanation for this, but fortunately, I have a ton of anecdotal evidence both from myself, and other samplers of Cortex Gen 1, and other nootropic users.

You want to make sure that your food is digested, or the process has started, before you take the nootropic. 40 minutes after your last bite could work well BECAUSE the stomach has already started secreting stomach acid to digest the food, has begun that process, and is primed to quickly send nutrients to the brain through the blood stream pretty quickly. – LiveCortex website – The LiveCortex Blog, on Nootropics, Entrepreneurship, and more. – Get Cortex Gen 1 (or get on the Pre-Launch list)

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