The Nootropic Power of Shankhpushpi: An Ayurvedic Smart Drug


Shankhpushpi is a unique kind of nootropic compound. It isn’t very subjectively noticeable, but the memory and intellect improvements are undeniable. 

Most people take nootropics the wrong way. They think all nootropics should be like caffeine, or alcohol, in that they provide a noticeable subjective change in the “feeling” of consciousness.

And that’s just plain wrong. Some nootropics do offer a noticeable feel. We made Cortex to be exactly that way. But some, offer only a functional improvement in particular modes of brain operation, with no subjective feel.

Shankhpushpi is one of them. This nootropic compound, is actually a collection of compounds. 4 different herbs to be exact. They are: viz., Convulvulus pluricaulis Choisy. (Convulvulaceae), Evolvulus alsinoides Linn. (Convulvulaceae), Clitoria ternatea Linn. (Papilionaceae) and Canscora decussata Schult. (Gentianaceae).

Together, they form the compound Shankhpushpi. Pretty epic right? Most nootropics are singular compounds, that work on particular systems in the brain.

Shankhpusphi is a collection of a bunch of different compounds, all grouped together. This is one of the most unique aspects of this Ayurvedic nootropic that makes it so exciting to research and experiment with.

But how does it work? What are the mechanisms? This is where we get a bit into the grey area, just like Modafinil. The mechanisms are elusive, and we haven’t quite figured them out. Here’s a brief word on the fact that one of the compounds in Shankhpushpi is in fact facilitative of improved cognitive functioning, nearly as effective as the popular smart drug Piracetam, but that the underlying reason is unknown:

(Shankhpushpi) Appears to have Nootropic properties in otherwise healthy rodents with a potency not exceeding that of Piracetam of evolvulus as reference drugs. The mechanisms underlying this cognitive enhancement are not yet known.

It also seems to protect the brain against beta-amyloid pigmentation, a major factor involved in Alzheimer’s disease.

From the same write up:

One week administration of 150mg/kg of convolvulus appears to protect against scopolamine-induced neurotoxicity as assessed by acetylcholinesterase and oxidation biomarkers[12] and beta-amyloid pigmentation with a potency comparable to 1mg/kg Rivastigmine.[13] This reduction in beta-amyloid pigmentation may not be exclusive to scopolamine toxicity, as it has been noted in vitro with a potency comparable to polypodium multiflorum[14] and neuroprotection has also been noted against aluminum with 150mg/kg of Convolvulus in rats.[15]

Folks, this is a powerful compound, and we can only estimate how the Shankhpushpi compound has nootropic effects on the brain.


But when experimenting with the compound over the years, (we actually almost put it into the Cortex Nootropic Stack (gen 1), I’ve become quite familiar with the noticeable cognitive benefits I get from taking the compound. Here’s how it affects me:

The Nootropic effects of Shankhpushpi

Within about 30 minutes after administration of 500MG of Shankhpushpi, I feel a calm come over me. Not like I’d feel with Ashwagandha or anything (which is profoundly strong for me), but noticeable enough to say something about it.

And throughout the next few hours, that dissipates mostly, but what’s left over is something profound, and highlights my sentiments earlier in the post about nootropics that don’t create a subjective “feel” to them, but create functional improvements in modes of cognitive processing.

What’s left over, and is the most striking effect of Shankhpushpi for me, is a noticeable cognitive processing effect, that allows me to:

  1. Have a slightly better working memory.
  2. Be more verbally fluent.
  3. Be more detailed and articulate in conversations.
  4. Understand more parts of a complex situation, at the same time.
  5. Have greater control over the wandering of my mind.

Shankhpushpi actually makes my brain work better, without a major subjective feel. I can get “wired in” if I take Cortex. The Uridine/CDP/Artichoke Extract combo is quite subjectively noticeably, and extremely stimulatory. And sometimes I like that.

Other times, I’d rather just drink some coffee, and take Shankhpushpi, to enjoy the coffee buzz and wakefulness, but have functional improvements in working memory, and overall cognitive processing.

Shankhpushpi is typically referred to as being able to “improve intellect.” And for me, that’s exactly what it does.

There’s a feeling I get when I know I’m performing better intellectually, and Shankhpushpi gives me that exact feeling, and I love it.

I use the compound when I’m sitting down to do a blog post. I use it if I want to have the extra mental edge for an administrative task. I take it when I’m performing some sort of business analysis

I use it when I need my verbal fluency. When I need the extra information retention edge, and when I overall need to improve my intellectual capacity.

Shankhpushpi is one of those “keeper” compounds, that I’ll take on and off, probably for the rest of my life.

I am enamored by nootropic compounds that don’t provide a noticeable subjective feel, but that catalyze overt functional improvements.

To me, these are some of the best nootropic compounds known to man. Bacopa Monnieri falls into that category for me, and I love it.

For those of you nootropics folks that make your own capsules, here’s a link to some bulk powder Shankhpushpi.

And here’s a link to capsules, for those of you who would just rather take capsules.

The typical dose is 500MG, and that’s what I stick with.

I’ve also come to know that 500MG of Shankhpushpi stacks extremely well with 500MG Artichoke Extract. For me, this dramatically improves the working memory benefits of Shankhpushpi.

But I’m sure it stacks well with other compounds. If any of you have any of experience stacking this with other compounds, comment and let us all know!!

Thanks for reading everyone. And happy productivity.





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