The Mr. Happy Stack – Ingredients, Root, and Discussion

The Mr. Happy Stack: a stack combining Uridine, a choline source, EPA and DHA, B6, B9, B12, Selenium, and a few vitamins.

The idea of the stack is that it’s suppose to increase neurogenesis, improve brain function under conditions of neurodegenerative diseases (like Alzheimer’s specifically), and positively impact Dopamine receptors.

The stack originates from an Australian company that makes a product called “Souvenaid,” which is a liquid drink consisting of the above ingredients, that is used specifically to aide in brain functioning in Alzheimer’s patients.

Well – a user in the forum “Longecity,” decided to collect the individual ingredients and try the stack himself, to see if it had nootropic benefits. And it did.

The user, “Mr Happy,” started a thread on the combination of nootropic compounds, explained how it affected him, and listed a myriad of scientific studies on the matter here.

What ensued was a 94 page thread of people discussing their experiences with the stack.

But what do we think of it? IT’S AWESOME. Uridine and a choline source, was the basis for our nootropic stack, Cortex.

Uridine and CDP Choline particularly, combined, creates a powerful nootropic outcome in most people that administer it, that lasts considerably long, and facilitates great brain function.

Watch the video below to get the full explanation of the Mr. Happy stack, the ingredient breakdown, and the entire backstory.

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