Taking Nootropics for Motivation (stacks inside)

One of the critical reasons people take nootropics is to motivate themselves. Ultimately, the goal is more productivity, but getting yourself to be productive can’t really happen effectively without.. you guess it.. motivation.

Achieving motivation with nootropics happens through several pathways. They are:

  1. Taking nootropics that modify the neurotransmitter Dopamine (Uridine, CDP Choline, Tyrosine, Afinils)
  2. Taking nootropics that improve your processing and memory capacity, and thereby, motivate you to do intellectual work
  3. Taking nootropics that merely speed up the brain’s functions, and thereby increase motivation to be productive.


Using nootropics for motivation as an entrepreneur

One of the examples that is close to home for me (Ryan), is using nootropics for motivation to run my businesses. I started taking nootropics while running a computer repair company just about 10 years ago, and I quickly realized that my motivation to grow the business was substantially more pronounced when I was taking certain nootropics.

Initially for me, my stack was: 2G Piracetam, 400MG ALCAR, and 100MG Alpha GPC. That stack got me in the zone, and catapulted me toward engaging in my business work.

Then, as I moved toward a few additional stacks, I truly realized the power of nootropics for motivation in business. The stacks I moved on were the following:

  1. 150MG Phenylpiracetam/500MG Choline Bitartrate
  2. The Cortex Nootropic stack (before it was formulated and commercial)
  3. 500MG ALCAR/500MG L-Tyrosine
  4. 150-300MG Adrafinil
  5. 800MG Aniracetam/100MG CDP Choline

And they all rocked my world. I’d rotate between them all, get super motivated, and then go in and crank out a bunch of productive work.

Later on, when I owned a different technology company, I spent a good degree of the day answering phones and selling people our service. On some days, my motivation was really just not there, so I resorted to taking Aniracetam, the Cortex stack, certain afinils, Yohimbine, L-Dopa, and many others.

And when I brought the nootropics into the mix, I was a motivation machine. I’d be PUMPED to talk to folks, answer calls, and make sales. I was EXCITED, ready to go into the company HQ, and kill it.

And throughout the rest of my time taking nootropics, I’ve realized and used the significant power of certain nootropics to facilitate motivation.

In this video, I’ll explain some of these stacks, and go over the general notion of using nootropics for motivation.

Why we take Nootropics: Motivation from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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