Super strong Phenylpiracetam nootropic stacks

Alright folks! Another banger! In this video, we’re going to discuss some epically powerful stacks from the Nootropic stacks for the business professional, with the following compounds:

  1. Phenylpiracetam as a base
  2. ALCAR
  3. Theacrine
  4. CDP Choline
  5. Centrophenoxine
  6. Choline Bitartrate
  7. Oxiracetam
  8. And Vinpocetine

The significantly standout point here is that you can take stimulatory nootropic compounds, put them together in relatively small doses, and get super strong effects.

You can effectively take minimal stacks, and get maximum benefit. That’s the real benefit here.

Super strong Phenylpiracetam nootropic stacks from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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