Sublingually dosing Phenylpiracetam – doses/experiences/discussion

First – a fitting primer on sublingually dosing nootropics: Sublingual dosing refers to putting a compound under your tongue, and letting it dissolve into your blood stream faster.

There are pros and cons to sublingually dosing.

Advantages of sublingually dosing nootropics:

  1. It’s extremely easy. It’s far easier than weighing out and capsuling a bunch of compounds. If you can take something like Coluracetam, Phenylpiracetam, or Fasoracetam, and quick measure out a good dose, then sublingually dose it, you’re good! Quick and easy.
  2. It’s an extremely useful strategy to sublingually dose nootropics while traveling. This is one of the best uses for it.

But there are some disadvantages. Anecdotally, for some, sublingual Phenylpiracetam doesn’t seem to last as long, and regular old oral dosing is what works best for them.

And frankly, me too. I’m not sure there is an answer to: is Phenylpiracetam best taken sublingually or orally? Because it all depends. For convenience sake, sublingual dosing is king. For effects sake, for most folks, oral dosing is king.

So – are you at home, with time to kill, and no necessity to quickly dose a nootropic? Oral is a good route. Are you on the run, without a capsule maker, without the time to capsule some Phenylpiracetam and a choline source? Go with sublingual dosing.

But the overarching point I want to make, and do in this video is, similar to Uridine monophosphate, the key ingredient in the Cortex Nootropic Stack, sublingual VS oral isn’t that much more potent with Phenylpiracetam.

We include sublingually dosed Phenylpiracetam stacks in the Racetam God Guide, because of the convenience factor, as well as the “wow” factor of it all (sublingual dosing is actually quite rad), but in the end, it isn’t all that necessary, effect wise.

Before we get to the video, here are 5 useful sublingual Phenylpiracetam stacks that you can take away from this post, right now:

5 powerful sublingual Phenylpiracetam stacks: 

  1. 70MG sublingual Phenylpiracetam/300MG Choline Bitartrate
  2. 100MG sublingual Phenylpiracetam/5MG oral Noopept/100MG Alpha GPC/100MG L-Theanine
  3. 120MG sublingual Phenylpiracetam/10MG Fasoracetam/75MG CDP Choline
  4. 150MG sublingual Phenylpiracetam/500MG Oxiracetam/500MG Choline Bitartrate/75MG Theacrine
  5. 100MG sublingual Phenylpiracetam/75MG Alpha GPC/400MG Aniracetam/1G Piracetam/120MG Alpha GPC/5MG Vinpocetine

Those stacks are variants from the digital downloadable guide, The Racetam God Guide, and pack powerful punches, to turn on brain performance.

Enjoy the video!!

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