Studies say 6 or more months Oxiracetam is SAFE

Ah. The number one question new nootropics users endlessly utter: are nootropics safe to take long term?

It’s an important question. Typically, what happens when people start taking nootropics, is they realize how beneficial they are, and never want to go back to the brain performance they had before.

It’s a powerful realization that “wow, I can function like a fucking beast, and be 2-5X more productive.”

And that gets people wanting to take nootropics everyday. And in most cases, I actually advise against that. We lay out a pretty strict cycling strategy in Smarter Better Faster (DOWNLOAD HERE), and I am a firm believer in the necessity to take time off of nootropics you’re taking consistently.

BUT – there CAN be a situation in which a person needs to take a particular nootropic that works well for them, for a consistent period of time. A user emailed us, as you’ll see in the video, and asked about Oxiracetam specifically, and whether or not he could take it for a 5-7 month period.

There is a relevant study that highlights a group of senior citizens with dementia symptoms taking Oxiracetam for 6 + months, at 1600MG daily, that specifically highlighted that there were “no side effects” observed.

However – this is for an atrophied brain, with obvious signs of malfunctioning. And in those types of brains, it seems clear that the capacity to tolerate nootropics, for longer periods of time, is increased.

Oxiracetam safe to take for 6 months straight? from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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