Stacking Sunifiram? Noopept Nasal + Phenylpiracetam + Sunifiram nootropic stack

People often ask me about the “secret” stacks I don’t talk about often that I use for EMPEROR like brain performance. This is one of them. 

I know. I know. That sounds superfluous. But if you took this stack, in the milligram quantity we’ll suggest below, it won’t sound so ridiculous anymore. 

This stack comes directly from a giant, advanced nootropic stack list, called the Noopept Pro Stack list. 

That digital guide (downloadable for any device you have) contains a giant list of oral/sublingual/nasal Noopept stacks. 

And one of the stacks is a Noopept nasal spray/Phenylpiracetam/Sunifiram/Choline bitartrate stack that is situated in a milligram quantity that works quite well for most folks that take it, but that more importantly delivers an extremely strong working memory, mental energy, and stimulation to do productive work. 

What this stack potentially does to the brain (and why you should care)

  1. The Noopept Nasal spray is likely improving cholinergic signaling in the Hippocampus, and IS increasing the expression of Nerve Growth Factor and BDNF in the same region of the brain
  2. The Sunifiram is increasing the release of acetylcholine in the frontal lobes and cerebral cortex in general.
  3. The Phenylpiracetam is optimizing cholinergic signaling, LIKELY improving brain blood flow, and possibly optimizing dopamine metabolism
  4. And the choline bitartrate is serving as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It is proven that some racetam nootropics force the brain to release more acetylcholine, so pairing racetams and choline sources has helped people to take cholinergic compounds with better effect (and really, without side effects).

The Phenylpiracetam/Noopept/Sunifiram/Choline stack

  1. 1 Spray Noopept Nasal spray
  2. 150MG Phenylpiracetam
  3. 500MG Choline Bitartrate
  4. 4MG Sunifiram

Ok! We’ll discuss this stack AND MORE, AT LENGTH in this video, but I just wanted to give you an overview.

Ryan —

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