Stacking Alpha GPC with ALCAR/Caffeine/Theanine (AACT)

The original AACT stack post can be found HERE, where we break down the doses and the explanation.

Below is a video where we break down the POWER and mechanisms of the mighty AACT stack. For those of you that haven’t come across it yet, the breakdown is:

  1. 300-500MG ALCAR
  2. 75MG Alpha GPC
  3. 110-200MG Caffeine
  4. 100-200MG L-Theanine

The primary things this stack deliver are:

  1. Motivation
  2. Speed of processing
  3. Working memory
  4. Focus capacity
  5. Verbal fluency
  6. Mental energy

It is a great maintenance stack to take. It’s super simple, and provides a nice, clean, stimulatory, focus effect that competes with the best of them. Sometimes, I just take the AACT stack, instead of heavy racetams, and it ROCKS MY WORLD!!

Enjoy the video!


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