Sharpness – The Ever Impressive Feature of Good Nootropics

Image courtesy of Sebastian, on

Image courtesy of Sebastian, on

As a productive adult, one of the things that I’ve come to realize is a critical asset, is a sharp brain. I need my brain to be agile, fast, and on point.

I need to have a strong attention span, a quick reaction capacity, and a deep focus ability. And nootropics deliver.

Comparing brains

I like to compare my brain to other people’s brains. It’s quite obvious when a brain around you isn’t working well; people do clumsy things. You see it at the coffee counter at your morning coffee stop.

People fiddle around with the sugars, not sure how many to put in. It takes them 4 minutes to situate their coffee situation before they can confidently walk away, and even then so, they still look confused.

They have a confused brain, and it isn’t working well. When I hit the coffee station, I’m in and out in 30 seconds. I know I’m reaching for half and half and actual sugar.

I know how many packets I’m putting in. I know how much half and half I’m using, and I know to grab a bunch of stirrers at once, because that’s the only logical way to actually fucking stir the sugar and milk in your coffee.

And I’m off. People must think I’m some sort of energizer bunny that’s programmed to act. I know what I’m doing, how I’m going to do it, and I execute like a machine on getting it done.

Whether its something as trivial as prepping my coffee in the morning, or it’s something more complex like running a national iPhone services company, I’m as on point as they get.

Nootropics deliver sharpness

And that’s because nootropics deliver sharpness. With the right stack, which for me toggles between Cortex (Gen 1 stack), beta testing of the Gen 2 Cortex stack (Coming soon), or a stack of Caffeine, ALCAR, Theanine, and Alpha GPC, I’m sharp as an exacto knife.


My brain does not take long to figure things out. It does not delay in processing information. I know what I want, and I know how to do it. I search out and identify targets, and I take them out. Good nootropics are like the Jason Bourne of the productivity world. They turn you into a killer.

How sharpness facilitates upward mobility

Being productive, and getting the right things done in business, entrepreneurship, corporate, or everyday life, is the cornerstone of upward mobility.

It’s the precursor to moving your way toward that promotion, that new business outcome, or that major accomplishment in your life you’re targeting and would desire to have.

After 6 awesome years experimenting with certain nootropic compounds, I can confidently say, that if your co-worker/competitor in business is taking the right nootropic stack, they have the edge over you.

They’ll get promoted quicker, achieve more, and move up faster. If they’re your competitor in business, they’ll have the faster edge, they’ll be sharper and wittier in making decisions, and they will act fast in the sense of urgency great brain function delivers.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot. I was a productive guy before nootropics. I did a tour in Iraq before 25, was financially comfortable in my mid 20’s, (but soon lost it investing in earlier failed companies), and was outperforming my peers in the corporate world.

But once I really started getting into nootropics, and realizing the benefits, my productivity started skyrocketing.

Going into running one of my businesses in the morning wasn’t a chore anymore, it was easy. Making the right calls, saying the right words, and negotiating effectively in deals I wanted to pursue became a breeze, and my verbal recall, speed of processing, and working memory were all at the root of my performance.

I built and launched the Cortex nootropic stack in a year and a half, after ruthless research and experimentation. The company (Cortex) went national shortly after the launch, and we’ve sold product in every state of America since, as well as in Canada and Germany.

I’m fast tracking in life these days, and though it’s because I’m a productive person, and I have acquired a lot of skills over the years (things you cannot be effective without), I have a ton of forward moving, outcome facilitating mental energy to tackle the hurdles of upward mobility in my life as an entrepreneur.

Different stacks for different people

The stack that’s going to help jumpstart your productivity and give you the mental sharpness you need to kill it in life, is going to depend on your brain.

Some people get that sharp edge from taking one of the many Racetam smart drugs, with a choline source. I know folks that swear by 700-1000MG of Aniracetam, and 100-200MG of CDP Choline. For them, it’s marvelous.

They’re productive, swift, and sharp. That is the right stack for them. For others, like a lot of the business people, corporate professionals, and entrepreneurs that use our product, Cortex is their workhorse stack.

For some, a simple stack of Caffeine/Theanine does them quite well, and adds that extra bit of calm focus to their endeavors, enough to help them get the right things done.

And for others, a full blown Modafinil dose is what works the best for them. Modafinil, is an extremely potent anti-narcolepsy drug, that powerfully promotes wakefulness and gets them in an extremely focused zone.

It’ll be different for different people, but experimenting with nootropic compounds to find your fit, is more worth it than you can imagine.

The productivity output you can achieve having an incredibly functional brain is second to none. It is the only way to go, if you’ve got a lot to get done.

Sharpness is the precursor to effective action. Swift, quick movements, and ruthless productivity will get you where you need to go in life.

And when it comes down to it, there’s only one real way to achieve at the highest levels: having a sharp brain.

Mental performance IS physical performance. Mental performance IS job performance. And mental performance is entrepreneurial performance. Thanks for reading.

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