Shankhpushpi – A Pretty Interesting Calming Nootropic

shankhpushpi-picI’m always on the lookout for new nootropic substances. I firmly believe that there are herbs and substances out there in the world meant for human consumption, that selectively improve specific facets of brain function.

Shankhpushpi is one of them.

What it is..

Shankhpushpi is an herbal supplement found in India, that’s part of the class of eastern natural health facilitators called “Ayurvedic medicine.”

This herb contains Glycosides, Flavonoids, Alkaloids, and some other pretty interesting compounds. But the real juice is in the effects. Here’s my experience with Shankhpusphi.

Killed my stress

I have an annoying sleep condition called sleep apnea. There are certain foods that exasperate it, like high saturated fat foods, and foods with heavy grain content (oatmeal, pasta), but there are times where it’s there without the presence of those foods. It basically makes you stop breathing while you’re either going to sleep, or while you’re already asleep. Luckily, the body jolts you back awake, or forces you to uptake some oxygen eventually when your brain realizes you’re in a dangerous situation.

This skyrockets your adrenaline and cortisol, and leaves you feeling quite the high level of stress in the subsequent day. Me being an entrepreneur, and you probably being an equally awesome productive person, that can’t happen. Stress depletes neurotransmitters, and makes your general brain function a bit impaired.

However, when this happens to me, I take 500MG of Shankhpushpi, and it completely changes the game. My stress levels go down. I start to feel normal and happy again. And my brain function starts to really come back to baseline, which when you’re in a deficit, normally feels like above baseline.

I remember distinctly taking 500MG of “Shank” after a particularly horrible sleep apnea event the night before, and within about 45 minutes, feeling awesome again. It was quite the interesting shift.

What about a regular functioning brain?

Great question. Even when you’re doing ok, Shankhpushpi can help you feel better. I’ve taken 500MG at baseline and entered a very serene, calm state, similar to the state I end up when meditating. I’ve also combined 500MG of Shankhpushpi with 500MG of Artichoke Extract and had some pretty wild results. I had memory recall that was staggering, and a mental sharpness that was non trivial. Try that stack! It’s pretty awesome.

How did I find out about this herb you say? Well, at one point, it was actually a part of the Cortex Stack. In the beginning, when I was sampling various nutrients to make this nootropic, Shankhpushpi was one of them. I sourced it in from India, and started experimenting. It just turned out to not compliment the ingredients in Cortex Gen1, but I am strongly considering putting it into future generations of the stack.

I ordered it off of Amazon, and had it shipped to me in 5 days. Find yourself a good source for it, get it in, and try it out!

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