PRL-8-53 edging out Noopept for working memory

PRL-8-53 is what’s known as a nootropic “research chemical,” is though to work on the cholinergic system, and dramatically improves working memory for lots of nootropics users. 

And for me too. I tried it first within the year of 2017 (I know, I was a bit late on it), and was pleasantly surprised. The dose range is super low, at 5-10MG, and I took a mere 5MG and noticed improvements in working memory and verbal fluency almost right away.

The effect duration window lasted 5-10 hours (which is rare for a cholinergic, memory improvement compound – like Aniracetam, for example, which has a much smaller effect window), and overall, my brain just worked considerably better.

So I put it on the shelf, and used it when applicable. But something interesting started happening: I started overtly noticing that the working memory benefit that I got from PRL-8-53, was actually better than that of Noopept, which I had been using as my go to for years for working memory intensive tasks.

I replicated this many times, and came to the same conclusion each time: PRL-8-53 was giving me better memory performance than Noopept. Gah! And I love Noopept!

But, moving forward, I’ll use both of them, and won’t cut out Noopept just because of these experiences. PRL is a research chemical, and has next to NO human studies behind it. According to the page on it, there’s one sole study, and it’s funded by the patent holder of the compound. Not that promising.

I like to take a particularly conservative approach to nootropics, especially unstudied research chemicals. So – I’ll use it intermittently, and still retain my strategy of using Noopept, and Aniracetam for working memory. But when a critically important working memory task comes about, and I know I’m going to need all the performance I can get, I can definitively say at this point that PRL is better than Noopept in this regard.

For an in depth explanation of PRL-8-53, and my experiences with it, read the SBF guide.

Enjoy the video!

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