Piracetam safe for LONG TERM — USE? My experience

The common question comes up: can you take nooropics everyday? What nootropics can you take long term? People often ask: can you take X nootropic daily? Is X nootropic sustainable?

And the answer I give is always the same:

  1. Nothing is sustainable everyday, nootropic wise. 
  2. One MUST cycle appropriately (see Smarter Better Faster for the best cycling strategy)
  3. If anything, Piracetam, Aniracetam, and Oxiracetam are some of the most sustainable nootropics to take (again though, with proper cycling). 

Nootropics are not coffee

One of the major identifications people mess up with nootropics is pairing them with daily, well tolerated stimulants, like Caffeine. They think: “Compound X improves my brain performance, so I want to take it everyday.” 

But simply put, that’s wrong. Nootropics are not coffee. They make too many large scale changes to neurotransmitters, and over time, will eventually either lead to side effects or diminishing returns. 

This is why it’s so important to understand HOW TO SURGICALLY — USE NOOTROPICS. You’ve got to toggle between stacks, take time off, and be a bit conservative. 

User question

So we got a user question via email about my (Ryan) experience with long term usage of Piracetam. The question went like this: 

“Hey Ryan – love your YouTube stuff. Right to the point: I’ve tried Noopept, many afinils, Tyrosine, and a few other compounds and have gotten marginal results. I work at a toilet foam factory, managing many people who manage various production machines. 

I’ve been suffering with a lack of compartmentalization ability, particularly later in the day and I’ve found that Piracetam and Alpha GPC is the only combination that works really well for this. I’ve tried many other stacks and they haven’t been this effective, so my question is, is this stack sustainable? Can I take it daily? I really like the effects and want to just be able to take a stack I know works. Thanks a ton.”

And in this video, I answer that question, with nootropics logic that keeps a person able to take nootropics sustainably, that employs smart cycling, and that guarantees better results than a haphazard approach. 


Piracetam long term use? Here's my take from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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