Nootropics Power Users (and why people need large doses of nootropics)

Are you a nootropics POWER — USER? Or a nootropics minimalist? The difference lies in a few major things, that we break down in this video.

You see SOME folks taking stacks that look like this.. right? Check this out:

  1. 700MG Aniracetam
  2. 500MG Oxiracetam
  3. 10MG Noopept
  4. 500MG CDP Choline
  5. 15MG Vinpocetine
  6. 100MG ALA
  7. B complex

Do you wonder why some folks have to take such large doses of nootropics? I mean, I know folks that are taking stacks like this MULTIPLE times a day.

And there is a good reason these folks are taking such high doses of nootropics. Primarily they are:

  1. These users require sustained brain function for long periods of time.
  2. These users typically have used recreational or pharmaceutical drugs over time, whether by choice or by necessity, and they have modulated their brain chemistry in a way that necessitates higher doses of nootropics, as is the case with neurotransmitter receptor functionality modulation.
  3. Their baselines, for either the reasons above, or for other reasons, is sub-optimal. They don’t work at top speed all of the time. They aren’t highly functional, at their baseline.

In these cases, some users require high doses of nootropics, multiple times a day. These are known as “power users.” But, as we lay out in the video, they won’t ALWAYS require such high doses, so long as they’re moving in the right direction on improving their baselines. The gist of it is:

  1. Over time, certain nootropics (Aniracetam working on AMPA receptors, and CDP Choline working on dopamine and acetylcholine receptors), make positive changes to the brain that will ultimately require the user to take less nootropics.
  2. Baseline improves through lifestyle modifications.
  3. A combination of the two above, gets people not to require such high “power user” nootropics doses.

More explained in the video! Thanks for watching, thanks for being here, and rock on.

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