Why Nootropics Are An Imperative To Entrepreneurs

speed_processingEntrepreneurs need performance. And that’s the bottom line. We create lives that require the highest levels of effort humans can give. We have to create something from nothing. Make businesses generate revenue from thin air, and put forth the mental energy and time to create and accomplish everything in between. It’s quite the ridiculous endeavor.

We disproportionately achieve VS relax. You can catch us on our laptops working diligently at Starbucks or the local coffee shops, and we’re behind some of the most influential and game changing companies in the world. We need performance. Good brain performance.

And this is exactly why nootropics are an imperative to entrepreneurs. Nootropics, as most of us know, but for those that don’t, are natural, or man made substances that facilitate human brain performance. The underlying mechanistic functions range from increasing neurotransmitters like Acetylcholine, to improving connectivity of the hemispheres of the brain by enhancing the median point called the Corpus Callosum. They’re extremely powerful, and some, extremely subtle. And the application of these neurologically enhancing substances spans far and wide for people trying to get the best performance out of themselves.

Rita Levi Montalcini, an Italian Nobel Laureate that was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering Nerve Growth Factor, has since taken the substance (NGF) via eye drops for years thereafter. There are interviews of her in her late 90’s, a frail old woman, with the obvious mental acuity, whit, and intelligence of a 20 year old. She had been taking nootropics for decades, NGF being the main one.

Nootropics work. And they have great applications for human performance for all of us. Especially entrepreneurs.

Nootropics help processing speed

Processing speed is something most entrepreneurs can’t get enough of. We need to quickly process dangerous business situations, and come up with reparative solutions. We need to think fast when dealing with customer complaints and dilemmas. We’re constantly thinking, brainstorming, and creating. Our speed of processing needs to be top of mind. It needs to be amazing.

And nootropics can help facilitate a fluid brain. EPA and DHA, found in fatty fish, can do the trick quite well. Without getting into the nutraceutical/herbal substance land, some Krill oil (rich in EPA and DHA), can really jumpstart a brain into fluidity.

Smart drugs like the Racetams, namely Aniracetam and Piracetam, can enhance information flow between hemispheres and therefore facilitate quicker and more thorough communication across the systems of the brain.

And Neurotransmitter precursor nootropics, like L-Tyrosine, or Acetyl-L-Carnitine can improve the brain’s capacity to be alert and functional, allowing information to travel across neurons in the brain, faster, thus improving speed and performance.


Whether you’re a programmer, an entrepreneur wearing many hats, or an entrepreneur that has worked his/her way through their company’s progression to be able to focus on one single task, you need a solid memory storage and retrieval system. Running one of my companies, an iOS device touch technology repair company, my brain needs to be spot on, ready to take in and process all that is in front of me.

I need to understand the quantity of inbound iOS devices for repair, so that I can pair that with my inventory and place parts orders on iPhone and iPad touch screens with our China parts vendors when necessary.

I need to hold information from previous interactions with customers throughout differing parts of the sales cycle, so I can pick up where I left off when communicating with them again about a sale.

I need to give accurate turnaround time data to customers based on the amount of devices we have in the repair facility at the time. I need to know that information when giving people expectations.

And I need to be conscious of hosts of other important data throughout the day, and have the ability to retrieve it on demand when I need it.

I need my memory. And so do all other entrepreneurs. That’s where nootropics can have a beneficial effect on that dynamic. Aniracetam, for example, is a nootropic that’s been heavily researched, is extremely safe, and has some powerful memory enhancing benefits to it. Here’s an interesting PubMed abstract explaining a memory enhancement in subjects taking a substance derived from Aniracetam.

There is a pretty lengthy Reddit thread talking about the benefits of Aniracetam in terms of memory and other mental functionality you can read here. It’s quite the powerful substance.

Dosing Aniracetam depends on your particular brain. I’d suggest starting really small (100-200MG) and working your way up from there. Less is more with nootropics. Believe me.

I believe any entrepreneur can benefit from Aniracetam, if taken in the right dose (one needs to test which dosages work for them). I’d suggest a company called “Smart Powders,” as far as where to get it. (No Affil)


Creativity is a must from the entrepreneur’s perspective. It allows one’s brain to laterally think. To look at possibilities far outside the norm, and explore them until results happen. It’s partially how I created Cortex Gen 1, our flagship nootropic. I really wanted to think outside the box to find the best quantities of nutrients for the initial stack, and nootropics helped me get there. Throughout the time I was developing the first gen iteration of Cortex, I was sampling every concoction I was making. Some of them were too strong, some too faint, but some just right. In the early days I was experimenting a lot with an herb called Shankhpushpi, which boosted my creativity noticeably, and helped me to meditate (which also spurs some awesome creative thinking).

And many other nootropics can deliver the same result. Once the brain stops looping in its normal loop of beliefs, ideas, and functioning, it can then do something new. Nootropics set up the brain to be able to do that through stronger activation of particular brain regions, that allow creativity to happen, and in some cases, inhibition of certain overactive brain functionality (in the case of L-Theanine producing Alpha waves and calming the pre-frontal cortex).

Many nootropics can help with creativity. From L-Theanine, to the main racetams (Piracetam and Aniracetam) to simple stress reducers and adaptogens like Ashwagandha (anecdotal evidence on Ashwagandha from personal experience). And they’re all beneficial to the creativity driven entrepreneur. Especially us serial entrepreneurs that want to keep building businesses. We need our creativity.


Nootropics can really give an entrepreneur the edge. Though I attribute a lot of my early success as an entrepreneur to tons of meditation, some of it is directly due to my brain working better from nootropics. I’ve been rocking ALCAR, CDP choline, and Tyrosine cocktails for years and getting great results with energy and brain function. The stuff works.

Whether it’s actual “smart drugs,” like the racetams, noopept, or others, or the more natural herbs and nutraceuticals, I think they all have a place if carefully dealt with and taken responsibly.

Obviously, I should plug our stack because it was designed specifically with all of this in mind. Grab yourself a bottle of Cortex (if it has launched by the point you’re reading this) and get your brain in high octane mode.

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