Nootropics first thing in the morning? Not for me.

There’s no question about it, nootropics are amazing. And once you feel that “limitless” feeling, it’s hard to not be taking them all of the time. Even right when you wake up.

But saner heads prevail, and the truth is, one can’t be taking nootropics all of the time. Frankly, it’s unwise. The brain needs to reset itself. Downregulation of receptor sites can happen with frequent nootropics usage, and cycling is necessary.

Do some people take nootropics all of the time? Sure. Some. And we know very little about the side effects they may or may not have experienced. But most cycle them, and that’s probably the right way to go.

But in line with this type of strategy, comes the necessity to balance out being at 150MPH (on nootropics), and downshifted to 50MPH (off nootropics, and calm). And the morning is the one place, throughout my day, where I really want to be in the latter category.

Should you take nootropics first thing in the morning?

The answer is: it’s up to you, but I don’t. There was a time where that was really useful for me, and here were the conditions:

  1. I was grinding from 9AM-8PM +, everyday of the week. Including Sundays.
  2. This was in the first couple years of a technology repair firm that I started. I was in startup mode for 2 years.
  3. I would wake up, eat a quick breakfast, take my other supplements, and then boom, take the nootropic(s) for the day.

But then something interesting happened. You see – over the years, nootropics have taught me a lot. I’ve learned that less is more once your brain starts functioning really well, all of the time. That I’d rather now low dose nearly everything, than high dose everything.

I learned that being at 150MPH isn’t always the gear I want to be in. And particularly in the morning.

Starting the day downshifting

At this stage in my career as an entrepreneur (I’m an entrepreneur btw), I’m learning more and more the necessity for downshifting. I’ve been at 150MPH for like 8 years. And while I’ve gotten a LOT done, I’ve also taxed myself to the teeth.

Buy the cortex nootropic stackNow don’t get me wrong at all – I still LOVE and NEED to grind hardcore to get shit done. That’s who I am. But I have grown to have a certain appreciation for taking the time to consciously slow it down, de-stress, and downshift.

And the morning for me, is a great time to do this. Upon waking up, I usually take the first few hours to basically just relax. I’ll drink some coffee, but that’s not nootropics. Not even close. And in that time, I’ll do the following:

  1. Take a long walk
  2. Or do a long bike ride
  3. Consciously keep my prefrontal cortex in a meditative state. This takes lots of meditation practice over the years.
  4. Prevent myself from getting into the “tasks” of the day.

I basically wait an hour or two before getting into any cerebral work. Any deep thought work. Any frontal lobe brain activity. And the reason nootropics would be a bad idea for me within that timeframe, is that they would immediately send me into wanting to be a control freak about my tasks. I’d start thinking about the todo list. I’d start running through all my concerns, and that state will dominate my brain for the rest of the day. 

And that will end up being counter productive.

Nootropics turn on the prefrontal cortex. That’s the planning, analyzing, and go mode function of your brain.

They get you thinking about the todo list. They get you thinking about what needs to be done, and once the brain is turned on to that extent, it’s hard to just sit back and be passive.

It’s hard to be meditative. It’s hard to just relax. Nootropics put you in a place where getting things done is your primary gear. You’re ready to go. You’re ready to achieve. And you’ve got a list of things to knock out.

So taking them first thing in the morning, IF your objective is to (like mine) relax, and start the day from a cool, calm place, is not a particularly spectacular idea.

When nootropics first thing in the morning is useful.

But – there is a case for dosing on nootropics first thing in the morning. And that is when you’re in a place in your life where taking the first few hours to calm down the nervous system isn’t necessary for you.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur that was in burnout for 6 months, you took a year off, and re-discovered your killer instinct again and are ready to have at it.

Maybe you’re in the early stages of a company, or a new endeavor, and you don’t have time to sit and relax for the first few hours.

Or maybe you’re just in a place where you don’t need to relax first thing in the morning. Maybe you operate better, at this time, in waking up and going to town. More power to you.

But for me, in my life right now, I wait until I’m calm and collected to dose with nootropics, if I’m going to take them that day.

Because once I’m relaxed, I’ve done some exercise, I have some blood flowing through my body and I’ve had a nice morning cup of coffee – BOOM. I’m ready to go. And that’s when I’ll take some of the Cortex nootropic stack, Modafinil, one of the racetams, or other.



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