Nootropic effects 24-48 hours AFTER administration? Yep.

Nootropic products:

Racetam God Guide (digital guide on 80 + racetam stacks that breaks down each nootropic racetam):

Smarter Better Faster (all encompassing nootropic protocol digital guide – lots of stacks, distinctions, instructions):

The Cortex nootropic stack:

Nootropic/brain performance optimization:

Content discussed in the video:

1. Some nootropics deliver residual effects in the ensuing 24-48 hours after administration.

2. Those nootropics TEND to be the ones you need less of over time, because they make modifications to your brain’s receptor sites.

3. Uridine monophosphate, Coluracetam, CDP Choline, ALCAR, and Aniracetam are some of the strongest players in this arena. Noopept as well.

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