Noopept’s Effect on my Reading Comprehension


This is going to be a short one. An anecdote of sorts, explaining one of the coolest effects I get when taking the smart drug Noopept.

Noopept is an actual smart drug, synthesized and created in Russia, which acts as a prodrug for a peptide that’s already present in the human brain called cyclo-prolylglycine.

Cyclo-prolylglycine, for those of you who can read and understand stuff like this, has the following mechanisms of action once it starts acting on your brain (credit to user Oakfad, for breaking this down on r/Nootropics):

  • glutamate NMDA receptor blocker
  • glutamate AMPA receptor blocker.
  • allosteric glutamate AMPA receptor agonist
  • suppression of calcium-gated potassium channels
  • suppression of voltage-gated calcium channels
  • suppression of voltage-gated potassium channels
  • cyclo-prolylglycine can bind to Calcium ions and magnesium ions.

Noopept has a wide range of effects for people, ranging from improving verbal fluency, to helping facilitate reading comprehension via improving working memory, to straight up side effects like brain fog and impaired memory formation.

Some of the side effects that may come w/ Noopept usage might (100% theory) have to do w/ a vitamin B5 depletion taking place in the brain temporarily, trying to commensurately synthesize acetylcholine while Noopept uses it, via modulating the cholinergic system and acetylcholine receptors.

It could also be a completely different mechanism. Perhaps the modulation of acetylcholine or AMPA receptors catalyzes some kind of imbalance in some people’s brains, resulting in brain fog.

But for those of us that get great results from Noopept, it’s nothing short of amazing. And I’m one of those people.

Dose recommendations 

My dose on Noopept is a clean 13MG, administering the powder form. I make a quick capsule of 13MG of Noopept and throw it down. Depending on my diet, I might benefit from taking 300MG of Choline Bitartrate w/ it, and sometimes, not. I suppose this all depends on the amount of usable acetylcholine I have floating around in my brain.


You’ll have to determine whether or not you need a choline source while taking Noopept. Some do, some don’t.

But suffice it to say, 13MG is a great starting dose of Noopept, and even a great dose to go off of continuously. That’s all I need for a solid 1-3 hours of great brain function, and sometimes more. Noopept seems to last a bit longer w/ me than it does others.

Interestingly, Noopept turns on for me in less than 30 minutes. I generally don’t take it with food, and I cap the stuff myself w/ a capsule maker and a milligram scale.

The process literally takes me 2 minutes, and she’s down the hatch.

I’m currently using a Noopept batch from LiftMode, a pretty reputable nootropics powder company that has always come through on quality and professionalism. I really feel comfortable w/ their products.

And within 20-30 minutes, I start to feel a strong urge to work on something that requires a good bit of brain function. I feel like if there’s any time where I’m super equipped to be able to participate in some sort of debate around something, which requires a lot of factual information referencing, the effect duration window while taking Noopept would be the time.

Noopept’s effects on reading comprehension

I have always had an issue comprehending information I read. It’s as if my brain just doesn’t want to learn information that way. I’m much better at seeing someone do something, and then replicating it better. I’m better at watching a video and learning something that way. I’m better simply listening to someone explain something, and then learning it from there.

But over the years, reading comprehension has gotten a lot easier. It started when I first got into meditation in 2010, and then continued to get better as I experimented with various nootropic compounds over the years.

Taking Cortex for such a long time, which is something I did to ensure the product was balanced and effective, and ready to commercially launch, I believe I improved my baseline, which seems to help me comprehend information better.

But while taking Noopept, there’s this noticeable acute optimization of my reading comprehension ability that is pretty remarkable.

The first time I recognized this was quite some time ago when I sat down to read and try to understand a long study on the mechanisms of Modafinil. Ordinarily, reading such a long paper, I’d be able to comprehend some of it, and would likely have to re-read some of the real complex sections of it to get a residual grasp on it.

But while Noopept was working its magic on increasing cyclo-prolylglycine in my brain, I was able to comprehend a lot more of the information, a lot easier.

I remember toggling between this paper, and some of the pubmed abstracts on Noopept from one of the Co-Creators, Rita Ostrovskaya, about Noopept stimulating the expression of NGF and BDNF in rat brains, and being able to just understand and store all of the details of the data, in a way that is still accessible in my brain today.

It’s almost like it helped solidify the information, via a strong optimization of my hippocampus. And this was pretty cool.

To this day, I’ll use Noopept in situations like this. It’s super useful for writing blog posts, reading long papers, and comprehending what you read. I also enjoy sitting down and reading books while taking Noopept. It’s just a bit easier to synthesize the information, put it all together, and walk away having remembered most of what I read.

The effects of Noopept on users is variable, and not everyone is going to respond to it the way that I do, but I’d encourage finding your sweet spot, experimenting with whether or not you need to take a choline source with it, and trying to make it work for you. It’s remarkable when it does.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Noopepting.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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