No nootropics worked for verbal fluency BUT: Fasoracetam

We’re consulting a lot of folks these days on nootropics, and the type of experiences we get to be in and learn from run the gamut.

But the one really cool thing about dealing with many people from all around the world on nootropics, is that we get to see what works for people what doesn’t.

And in this video, with this particular client, we tried virtually EVERYTHING to get this guy’s verbal fluency where it needed to be. He’s a public speaker for a living, and the last few years, he’s had some trouble getting up there and just being fluid.

He reached out to us and was uber concerned about it, so we immediately started on a program to help him find some stacks that work for him.

Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Piracetam, Uridine, ALCAR, Modafinil, and Phenylalanine, didn’t work all that well for him. They brought MARGINAL benefits.

But quite recently, I got the idea that he might just need to slow things down and induce a smooth focus to get verbal fluency, and the BEST compound that comes to mind to achieve this for me is: Fasoracetam.

Got him taking 20MG Fasoracetam 30 minutes before speeches, and well…. watch the video. HE CRUSHES IT.

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