My top 12 Nootropics of all time (plus dose ranges)

I’ll make this quick, concise, and super actionable. I am going to divulge for you, my top 12 nootropics of all time, accumulated through nearly a decade of taking the best nootropics in the book.

It’s been a long time since I ventured down this amazing road of cognitive optimization, years ago, after two weeks of meditating and realizing just how malleable my brain was.

I started off with some ALCAR, moved into experimenting with Alpha GPC, and then came full circle with experimentation with Piracetam, and other racetams. Through the ensuing years, I doubled down on my nootropics experimentation, and experimented with virtually everything. Everything from:

  1. Modafinil to….
  2. Aniracetam
  3. Oxiracetam
  4. Theacrine
  5. Shankhpushpi
  6. Noopept
  7. Centrophenoxine
  8. DMAE

and TONS more. But that’s not my list. That’s just a SHORT LIST of stuff I’ve experimented with carefully over the years. Add about 100 or so compounds to that list, and we’re nearing the quantity of nootropics I’ve experimented with.

But there is a MASTER LIST of incredibly effective compounds, that I’ve refined over the years, and dose ranges that apply generally to a large quantity of the population. This is a list of, in my opinion and experience, after 8.5 years of taking nootropics, the best nootropics (and their dose ranges) on the planet. Below, in the video, I explain everything, in specific dose ranges. I explain ALL of these compounds in PRISTINE detail, with accompanying stacks in the Nootropics God Guide, SBF.

But, the central list is as follows:

My top 12 nootropics of all time

  1. Oxiracetam: My dose: 1000MG
  2. Aniracetam: My dose: 700MG, or 100-150MG microdosing every 1-2 hours until 5-600MG is reached.
  3. Theacrine: My dose: 25-75MG
  4. Noopept Nasal Spray: My dose: 1 spray
  5. Uridine monophosphate: My dose: 75-150MG
  6. CDP Choline: My dose: 75MG
  7. L-Tyrosine: My dose: 300MG 
  8. Coluracetam: My dose: 5MG 
  9. Modafinil: My dose: 35-75MG
  10. Caffeine: My dose: 250MG
  11. ALCAR: My dose: 300MG
  12. L-Theanine: My dose: 500-1500MG

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