My nootropic stack is keeping me awake (how to fix this)

One of the major problems that people consistently run into with nootropics is some of them have the capacity to mess with their sleep. That might get people thinking: nootropics are doomed. But that’s not the case. You see, there is a surgical way to use nootropics, and there is a haphazard way to use nootropics.

All of our content, to include our digital nootropics books, or centered around the idea of using nootropics surgically. That there is a way, to take specific nootropics, in specific quantities, at specific times, to get optimal brain performance enhancement effects.

Smarter better faster explains many strategies to achieve this, what you might call, balanced nootropic state. And over the years, I found that this orientation, is the only way to sustainably take nootropic compounds.

So a user emailed us, about a stack he was taking that undeniably improved his brain performance, but that was keeping him awake at night time. The stack consisted of Phenylalanine, ALCAR, and Theacrine.

He expressed that this stack was one of the most powerful nootropic stacks he’s ever taken, but that he would wake up in the middle of the night after having taken it, unable to fall back asleep for two or three hours. This is obviously a problem.

We’ve run into anecdotal experiences from users like this before, where they’ve taken one of the afinils, for some consistent period of time, and then eventually concluded that the sleep deficits and the ensuing tiredness that resulted from them, are not enough to justify the continued hardcore nootropics usage.

Therefore, a particularly judicious strategy, when taking wakefulness promoting nootropics, is to dial down the doses just enough to where you get the mental performance boost, but it does not interfere with your sleep.

The other strategy, as we’ll discuss in the video below, is to have a nootropic strategy to tone down the brain after you’ve taken a particularly stimulating stack. In this video, I will discuss what I have found to be the best strategy to combat sleep problems induced by high-level stimulant like nootropic compounds.

My Nootropic Stack is KEEPING ME AWAKE at night. What to I do? from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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