My experience with TDCS (discussion and video)

Transcranial direct current stimulation is pretty fascinating. Still in its youth, in terms of development, but useful nonetheless. Here is the basic breakdown:

  1. TDCS as it’s known, is a way to send electrical frequencies through the brain.
  2. It does so at extremely low levels: .5 – 2 milliamps (mA) of current.
  3. This is to prevent damage to the brain, as with higher levels of current, “brain legions” have been reported to occur in rodents, as discussed on the Wikipedia page for TDCS.
  4. There are a wide range of anecdotal reports out there using this technology, from reduced depression and anxiety, to increased mental energy.
  5. It works by placing two square sponges, with anode and cathodes connected to them, on your head in specific placements. The electrical activity flows from a small control device, that controls the milliamp quantity, and sends current through a wiring harness.

The above picture is of one company’s product, that I used a few years back, to test TDCS out. I bought the contraption to give it a whirl. My interest, though partially in nootropics, has largely always been in meditation, and other (especially technological) ways of modulating brain performance.  So TDCS was right up my alley.

My experiences with this technology were actually quite remarkable. I definitely noticed the effects. With a particular placement of the electrodes on my head, (placements of said electrodes are also known as montages, and there are many, that produce specific results), I was able to induce a feeling of mental fluidity.

I replicated this several times thereafter, and can only explain it as if I was clearing out “gunk” that seemed to have built up in my brain over the course of the day. It gave me a nice, clear headed effect that was quite stimulating, and quite interesting.

In the video, I explain all of this and more. You can get an overview of “montages,” or placements of electrodes here, to get an idea of what to try to target, in terms of effects.


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