Is Aniracetam and Theobromine a Sustainable Nootropic Stack?

We gladly take nootropics questions via email, at And we answer them.

Most of them get answered on air, at the Cortex Labs YouTube channel, and here on the website. And this one is particularly cool, because it allows us all a glimpse into someone else’s stack, that seems to be working really well for them.

The question (paraphrased below) is the following:

I’ve been taking a combination of Aniracetam and Theobromine for 20 days, and it’s been rocking my world, and it’s the best nootropic stack that I’ve tried. I’ve tried Noopept to no avail, afinils and they were a bit too stimulatory, Tyrosine made me edgy.. and a few others that didn’t work out too well. But this stack really hits the mark. I’m taking 800MG Aniracetam/70MG Theobromine. Is this sustainable??

Aniracetam and Theobromine: sustainable stack? from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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