I took smart drugs for 30 days straight. End result? PRODUCTIVITY

I’ve been taking nootropics for years. Almost a decade. And plenty of times, I’ve done long stints of taking certain compounds.

I’ve learned over the years that cycling between stacks and compounds is certainly the best strategy. Side effects DO COME with smart drugs/nootropics, IF your dose is not right, or if you consistently take a particular compound. For most people, at least.

But one thing I have been known to do is do a 30 day stint straight of smart drugs, cycling between about 10 different compounds/stacks, and just…. getting to work.

Gotta plug quick before the video: I built the Cortex nootropic (image above) from the stack I was taking when building a successful startup company. I was a productivity machine. Snag a bottle here. It’s our commercial stack.

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