I take Piracetam daily and am fine. Why should I cycle?

The question of nootropics cycling is adequately discussed in the tell all modern book on nootropics, Smarter Better Faster.

And in that book, we discuss the necessity to cycle appropriately, to avoid side effects, tolerance issues, and unforeseen outcomes of consistently modifying neurotransmitters.

BUT. Those rules don’t always apply. You see: the older you are, and the more (theoretical) atrophy your brain undergoes with aging, the more you can tolerate consistent use of particular nootropics.

We got an email from a user, which can be found below, that describes a situation in which a man in his 60’s takes near daily, relatively high doses of the nootropic compound “Piracetam,” and consistently has a very smooth, side effect free experience.

No brain fog. No over stimulation. No liver enzymes elevated. No blood sugar issues. No edginess. No nothing.

And in this video, we address WHY this user may not be running into side effects, illustrating the point of: the more you need nootropics, the less side effects they have, and the longer you can consistently take them without cycling.


“Dear Ryan, 

Love the constant stream of content. I hate browsing reddit and being treated like shit by all the knowitalls (who by the way think anti-depressant drugs are nootropics. Pffft). 

But I have one major discrepancy. I’m in my 60’s, and I’ve been taking Piracetam for just about 5 years, with minimal cycling and not only have I not run into side effects, but I feel great all the time, perform like I did in my late 30’s, and am sharper than all of my peers – and even people younger than me. 

Am I eventually going to run into some sort of dangerous side effect all at once? Should I be cycling more often per your advice? I don’t understand how all of your advice doesn’t seem to apply to me. Thanks for your time.”

I take Piracetam daily and I'm fine – do I need to cycle? from Ryan Michael Ballow on Vimeo.

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