How to Cycle Nootropics (Most Optimal Strategy)

Getting into nootropics, and taking them sustainably, requires proper cycling. It requires that you take some time off, give your brain the chance to reset, and allow it to get back to being use to not taking nootropics.

The number one reason you want to do this is to prevent side effects, and down-regulation of neurotransmitter receptor sites. I believe it’s 100% necessary, for everyone. And for every compound, with the exception of the non neurotransmitter modifying nootropics (like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Icariin, Vinpocetine, Pycnogenol, and a few others).

Therefore, and as you’ll see us layout in the video, the best nootropic cycling strategy to employ, whether you’re new to nootropics, or 5 years in, in my opinion, is the following:

  1. 4 days on a particular compound or stack
  2. 3 days off of that compound or stack
  3. On those 3 days off, Caffeine, and the above mentioned non-neurotransmitter modifying nootropics ((NNM)) are FINE).
  4. After 2 months of this strategy: cycle off for 2 full weeks of everything (except the non-neurotransmitter modifying nootropics, or NNM).
  5. Then – after a few consecutive cycles of this strategy, take an entire month off of everything (except again, the NNM nootropics)
  6. Then – after 6 months to a year of this strategy, if you really want to do this optimally, take 3-6 months off of everything (again, except the NNM nootropics).

And that’s how you put yourself in the position to be able to take many nootropics over the course of many years, without running into side effects or issues.

People often DO NOT follow a sensible cycling strategy, and it’s usually to their detriment. They end up with:

  1. Brain fog.
  2. Not being able to use the nootropics they’ve not cycled EVER AGAIN due to side effects they constantly give them.
  3. Therefore, a smaller reservoir of nootropics they can take over time.
  4. Without the capacity to take nootropics sustainably, over the long haul (which would be super depressing).


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