How Nootropics Make Me a Better Entrepreneur

Image courtsey of Thomas Hawk, on

Image courtesy of Thomas Hawk, on

It was 2010, and I had just been turned on to nootropics by reading an article on ALCAR and Aniracetam. I was interested in the area of cognitive performance because I had been meditating for a few months, and noticed a major difference in my brain function residually.

I was basically hooked on making my brain work better, and nootropics were the next frontier for me.

The first thing I tried was ALCAR, if I remember correctly. And I was impressed. I had a noticeable surge of usable brain energy, my verbal fluency had improved, and I noticed my brain firing a lot faster. Interesting.

I went on to experiment with virtually everything in the book. I experimented with Racetams, liked Piracetam, Aniracetam, and Oxiracetam, but didn’t like Pramiracetam. These are all smart drug compounds, derived from the original “racetam,” Piracetam.

Back in days, when I was in the early years of an iOS device screen repair company, I was really into pre-made stacks. I remember ordering bottles of Alpha Brain, a product made by a company called Onnit, like every month. And though that stack was subtle, I liked it.

I went on to continue experimenting with nootropics, but quickly shifted to making my own stacks. I’d buy bulk powder, and sit at home and make my own capsules of various nootropic compounds. Everything from Aniracetam/CDP Choline stacks, to Uridine, CDP Choline, and Artichoke extract (which became the basis for the Cortex Nootropic stack).

Getting deals with big companies

Around year 2 with my iOS device repair company, I really started aggressively targeting medium to large size companies and schools in a contract capacity. We repair iPads and iPhones, so I’d target these companies and pitch them: you have 1000 iPhones spread out amongst your sales representatives. We can save you $100,000 a year if you break 400 of them, by going with us for a repair solution, rather than getting refurbished or new devices with Apple.

I remember walking into this hundred million dollar sprinkler systems company, sitting around the table with 6 IT executives, and just killing it in the meeting. My verbal fluency had ascended to another level from a stack of nootropics I had taken an hour before the meeting. I was literally on fire.

And this continued to happen. When I’d have phone conversations with other target organizations, my ability to calmly, but quickly and confidently express the major selling points of using my company, was heightened.

Would I have gotten deals with big companies anyway? Probably. But would I have been so convincing, so confident, and so fluent in my pitches, and the Q&A version of the deal negotiation? Probably not. Nootropics have helped my brain to function better in situations like this, and have helped me to land profitable business deals.

Better marketing ability from taking nootropics 

Marketing is the foundation of any good business. Sure, you need a great product or service, but you can have the best value add in the world, and if no one knows about it, you’ll be nowhere.

Since 2010, I recognized that one of the best ways to market your company these days is through content. I mean, it’s a clear gateway between you and your customers. People like to believe they don’t have to target the search engines as a way to drive leads into their organizations. I think they’re crazy.

The search engines are everything. The market has shifted from old school, previously effective strategies of direct sales and marketing, to a reverse style of discovery: people now look for you when they need you. Anything else (particularly cold calling/emailing/direct sales) is extremely fucking annoying.

My ability to sit down and crank out content to market my companies, and thus earn high search engine ranking, is greatly enhanced from taking nootropics. I no longer sit in front of my laptop with writer’s block. It all just flows from my head effortlessly, and I write articles in 30 minutes that are 1500 words long. As a result, my companies rank well in the search engines for key search terms, and we’re always improving upon that.

A big part of marketing for the Cortex nootropic stack, as some of my regular readers/followers know, is YouTube videos about nootropics. And my ability to jump on camera, and execute on delivering a message with pristine verbal fluency, is dramatically enhanced by taking nootropics. I just flow through things.

Nootropics improve my confidence

I’m naturally a confident guy. I was a soldier in the United States Army, and did a tour in Iraq. I’ve seen some pretty interesting things in my life, and I left that experience with a ton of confidence. I had done more by age 24 than 70% of my peers.

And simply being an entrepreneur when most of the kids I went to high school with, and the other peers in the various cities I end up in (I move around a lot, and have not stayed in the same spot) have resorted to working for other people and living paycheck to paycheck, gives me an insane amount of confidence.

But nootropics take that up a notch. You see – one of the roots of confidence is your brain performance. People don’t recognize that,  and wonder why they’re not confident. It’s your brain, man.

When your brain is able to process things in the environment quicker,  and respond to things more fluidly, confidence levels rise as a by product. You can’t help but be confident when your brain is working well.

Now, I want to be clear: I’m also confident because my companies produce great products and services, I’ve worked extremely hard to create a great sentiment around said companies, and I continue to do that everyday.

I’m confident at this stage in my life primarily because of the skill-sets I’ve acquired over the years.

But nootropics help to take all of that to another level. They help me to realize just how effective I am. They help me to more rapidly acquire skills and execute in life. And that’s why they’re so beneficial. They’ll take a stellar person, and make them remarkable. It all comes down to brain function.

Summing it up

In summary, nootropics have made me a better entrepreneur. I can confidently say, it would have taken me a bit longer to build 2 companies that are working, if I was just drinking coffee everyday. I still would have done it all, but in doing so, I’d be a less effective, less verbally fluent, less confident version of the me now. And I prefer having the mental advantage in life. It’s everything.

I get more done by 9AM than anyone I know gets done in a day. By noon, I’ve crossed off 7-10 majorly impactful things on my to-do list.

My capacity for forward motion and productive behavior seems endless. I can just keep going, and as any entrepreneur will tell you, the basis for outcome creation is action. A shit ton of it.

I never run out of things to do. I’m always thinking about what’s next, and what I can do to get closer to my goals. And I always have the energy to engage. Nootropics play a great role in this, and I have some of the best compounds in the world to thank for it.

For those of you wondering, my daily stack alternates between Cortex, and Cortex variants (Gen 1, Gen 2, others), and stacks combining ALCAR, Alpha GPC, caffeine, and theanine.

Every now and then I’ll throw down some Adrafinil, to get that extra edge. I use Racetams sparingly, because frankly, they’re not as useful to me as compounds like Uridine and ALCAR.

If you’re reading this and you’re an entrepreneur looking to get into nootropics, I’ll leave it up to you to experiment. But a few things I’d suggest trying first are:

  1. Aniracetam + CDP Choline
  2. Uridine monophosphate + CDP Choline + a vitamin B complex
  3. Alpha Brain, the pre-made stack
  4. Cortex, the stack I built
  5. Noopept
  6. ALCAR.

Start with some of those, and find what works for you. Thanks for reading.

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