Ep80: Why Gamers Take Nootropics + stacks

There’s no question about it, gamers take nootropics. And in this podcast, we’re going to LET YOU IN on their secrets, their stacks, and my best recommendations for gaming and nootropics. We’ll discuss:

  1. Improving reaction speed, accuracy, and spatial navigation capacity in gaming with nootropics.
  2. Getting better kill death ratios with nootropics, in shooter games
  3. Playing Ghost Recon, Battlefield 4, Splinter Cell, and other shooter games with nootropics for better performance.
  4. Better gaming performance with nootropics in older individuals that can’t quite keep up with younger gamers (until they take nootropics)
  5. Phenylpiracetam for gaming
  6. Oxiracetam for gaming
  7. High dose Triacetyluridine and its effect on gaming performance
  8. Afinils in the gaming tournament environment
  9. MORE!!

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