Ep75: A Triacetyluridine Phenylpiracetam super stack

Alright! Getting right to it. In this podcast, we’ll break down a powerful Triacetyluridine nootropic stack that is targeted toward lots of mental energy, verbal fluency, general brain fluidity, motivation, and productive drive.

The stack contains:

  1. Triacetyluridine
  2. Phenylpiracetam
  3. CDP Choline
  4. B complex


Primary principle:

One of the major principles we push on Cortex Labs is the notion of less is more. That if you can find a group of nootropic compounds that synergize extremely well together, you can take them in relatively regular/low doses, with fewer compounds that significantly high compound stacks, and still get a strong nootropic effect.

There’s only 4 ingredients in this nootropic stack, but yet, it’s exceptionally powerful. In this podcast, we’ll discuss:

  1. The onset of the Triacetyluridine/Phenylpiracetam super stack (how long it takes to start working after taking)
  2. The doses on the TAU/Phenylpiracetam super stack
  3. The philosophy and power of minimal nootropic stacks
  4. The mental energy/verbal fluency/motivation effects of this stack
  5. The effect duration window of this stack
  6. A breakdown of Phenylpiracetam and its nootropic effects
  7. A breakdown of Triacetyluridine and its nootropic effects
  8. A breakdown of CDP Choline and its nootropic effects
  9. The best B complex to take with cholinergic nootropics
  10. How having a nootropic stack that targets the dopamine and acetylcholine systems simultaneously, is a powerful combination and a nootropic outcome to shoot for.
  11. Specials on the Cortex Nootropic stack
  12. Specials on our digital nootropics books
  13. Our Nootropics consulting service

The official dose for this stack is:

  1. 100MG Triacetyluridine
  2. 100MG Phenylpiracetam
  3. 100MG CDP Choline
  4. RDA for B complex vitamins

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