Ep73: Nootropics for Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is a modern disaster. It’s quite the rough state of affairs to have your adrenal glands not work correctly, not produce hormones that regulate fluid and salt balance, and prevent you from feeling and being your best.

But often times, without correcting the actual problem, people fall into the trap of looking to nootropics to give them the energy the adrenal fatigue is sapping away from them.

And that’s the wrong route to go. As with ANY underlying health problem, one has to diligently work over the course of many months to many years to actually fix the problem, before looking to nootropics to improve mental performance. BUT —

There is a silver lining, and a way to use non-neurotransmitter modifying nootropics (NNMN) to achieve brain performance, while simultaneously fixing the adrenal fatigue issue. In this podcast, we’ll address:

  1. The REAL way to address adrenal fatigue, through salting your way back to health
  2. Which nootropics to use for adrenal fatigue, once you’ve started to actively treat it
  3. How the fatigue you feel from adrenal fatigue is often a result of fluid imbalances, particularly a loss of large quantities of sodium.
  4. MORE!!

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