Ep72: Stacking Pycnogenol with Piracetam

Podcast contents:

  1. Pycnogenol works on improving bloodflow through vasodilation (pubmed link).
  2. Basic breakdown of Piracetam
  3. Combining nootropics that target increased blood flow in the brain
  4. Stacking Piracetam with Pycnogenol
  5. Doses on Piracetam + Pycnogenol nootropic stack
  6. Ryan’s experiences with the Piracetam/Pycnogenol stack
  7. How you can take dose variants of the Piracetam/Pycnogenol stack to zero in the best effects.

The doses Ryan experimented with:

  1. 2.5G Piracetam
  2. 500MG Choline Bitartrate
  3. 75MG Pycnogenol


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