Ep71: Nootropics cured a 15 year Brain Fog

Brain fog is a routine thing people attempt to fix via nootropics. And with varying success. It all really depends on what’s causing the brain fog, how the person targets that issue, and then how the nootropics can minimize the damage of the root of the issue.

This podcast is a perfect example of that. We’ll breakdown:

  1. A nootropics consulting client of ours has had brain fog for 15 years ongoing.
  2. Racetams, Noopept, and Modafinil helped marginally, but eventually decreased in their efficacy.
  3. Through working with said client, we determined there might have been some low level toxicity happening in his body at all times, particularly related to bad gut bacteria.
  4. We started him on a nootropic stack of Icariin, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vinpocetine, and Theacrine.
  5. Within a week, he was 75% again.
  6. Within 2 weeks, he was nearly 90%.
  7. To this day, he’s going strong.


This highlights that if there’s an underlying issue that you’re not properly addressing, no amount of nootropics can help consistently. They might help marginally, initially, but they normally become less effective over time.

But once you target the underlying issue, and at the very least understand how to mitigate the damage the problem is causing, you can achieve some significant remission of sorts. This podcast, and this particular person, demonstrates exactly that.

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