Ep67: Different Racetams, Different Effects

In this podcast, we’ll break down the 8 major racetams, and the primary differences between them. We’ll break down:

  1. Which racetams to take for studying
  2. Which racetams to take for strictly working memory
  3. Subtle racetams
  4. High affinity choline uptake and Coluracetam
  5. Phenylpiracetam’s mental energy effect
  6. Using Piracetam for a subtle improvement in memory, verbal fluency, and brain fluidity
  7. Aniracetam and Oxiracetam’s effect on AMPA receptors
  8. Why Oxiracetam is different than Aniracetam in terms of focus
  9. Differentiating between Fasoracetam and other racetams
  10. Fasoracetam and GABA B upregulation

We’ll discern the difference between the 8 major racetams, including:


  1. Piracetam
  2. Oxiracetam
  3. Aniracetam
  4. Phenylpiracetam
  5. Coluracetam
  6. Fasoracetam
  7. Nefiracetam
  8. Pramiracetam


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