Ep66: Using Nootropics for Dating Success

Nootropics have many practical applications. They’re typically used for:

  1. Business performance
  2. Facilitating productivity in entrepreneurship
  3. Productivity at work
  4. Studying
  5. Test taking/university and school tasks
  6. Relieving side effects from anti-anxiety drugs
  7. Improving brain performance after years of recreational drug use
  8. More!

But what I’ve come to learn over time in doing nootropics consulting, is that there’s one other critical application for nootropics, that people don’t talk about all that often, and that is: dating.

In this podcast, we’ll discuss:

  1. Using nootropics for dating success
  2. Approaching women easier with nootropics
  3. Verbal fluency’s significance in approaching women in public
  4. How nootropics facilitate confidence, and how that can help with dating success
  5. Dosing L-Theanine before dates to calm anxiety to be able to approach women
  6. Dosing Ashwagandha before dates
  7. Using Oxiracetam for verbal fluency to facilitate confidence and conversational capacity while dating.
  8. A Noopept/Uridine/CDP/B complex stack that cranks up verbal fluency


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