Ep65: A PRL-853 Noopept Limitless Nootropic Stack

There’s no doubt about it: PRL-853, the cholinergic research chemical, is quite powerful. It’s often used to improve working memory, and tends to have staggeringly great results in people.

Weird things happen when you take PRL-853, like people being able to remember 10 or more digits in their heads at one time, and otherwise having an exceptionally functioning working memory.

I’ve taken it many times, and during the research and development period of arguably one of the most comprehensive books/guides on the nootropic compound Noopept, the Noopept Pro Stack List, I came up with some pretty impressive combinations.

One of them, is a stack we talk about in the podcast, which contains the following ingredients:

  1. Noopept
  2. PRL-8-53
  3. Alpha GPC
  4. Vinpocetine

The interesting thing about this stack is that it’s massively cholinergic, but without super high doses of the cholinergic compounds, which, using the Cortex Labs nootropics methodology, allows users to get significant benefits, without overtaxing a particular neurotransmitter system.

In this podcast, we’ll breakdown TWO different dose variations of this stack, and highlight the significance of the applicability of it as a power user, memory nootropic stack. This stack is best applied to:

  1. Reading scientific studies (and actually understanding what the hell you’re reading).
  2. Working with numbers in any meaningful way (excel or otherwise).
  3. Doing accounting work.
  4. Studying for a test (in a school/university environment).
  5. Writing long blog posts.
  6. Doing otherwise research.


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