Ep63: Nootropics VS Binaural Beats

Nootropics are awesome, but sometimes I think meditation and binaural beats are better. What are binaural beats?

Simple: particular sound frequencies that elicit particular responses in the human brain. The idea is:

  1. Two different frequencies enter the brain, via audio binaural beats (listened to through headphones, preferably).
  2. The brain then resonates to the difference between the two frequencies. If one frequency is 40HZ, and another 45, the brain responds by operating at a 5HZ frequency on its own.
  3. The ensuing result is a more integrated brain, more control over otherwise elusive thought processes, and a much more synchronized state of thinking.

My own personal experience with binaural beats has been nothing short of astonishing. They allow me to:

  1. Be more motivated about my work, and my business.
  2. Respond better to stress.
  3. Generally think a lot more clearly.
  4. Take a 50,000 foot view on important projects in my life.
  5. Integrate my thinking to plan, architect, and execute on the visions of my business and life.
  6. Increase my general well being. I mean – I literally feel good and content when I listen to these beats.

In the podcast, we’ll break down what Binaural beats are, how they work, how they affect me, and how they work in comparison to nootropics.

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