Ep56: Formulating the perfect nootropic stack

The perfect nootropic stack. Does it exist? Well – there are stacks you can take, like the TAU Limitless stack from Smarter Better Faster, that mimic the “Limitless drug” effect. And that particular stack, and the general nootropics methodology used to create it, IS how you formulate the perfect nootropic stack.

Over the years, taking a lot of the heavy hitting nootropics (racetams, all choline sources, cholinesterase inhibitors, Afinils, Noopept, etc), I’ve learned that there actually is a way to formulate stacks to create balanced, sustainable effects, that turn on virtually every area of brain performance.


Good, balanced stacks have the following characteristics:

  1. A primary functional nootropic compound as a base, medium or high dosed. In the example we give in the Podcast, Noopept, at 13MG.
  2. Additional synergistic nootropic compounds, low to medium dosed. But not high dosed.
  3. A calculated approach to having just enough of a particular compound in the stack.
  4. A balanced, sustainable effect, rather than an odd, unpredictable surge of brain energy.

But there’s more. There’s the idea of bringing in balancers when you’ve got stimulatory agents in the mix. An example would be, if you have a stack of:

  1. 125MG Modafinil
  2. 500MG Oxiracetam
  3. 100MG Alpha GPC

.. you might benefit from bringing in the calming amino acid L-Theanine, at 100-300MG, to balance out the excessively stimulatory nature of that stack.

And  much more. In this podcast, we’ll break down how to formulate a perfect nootropic stack, using the methodology we’ve used to formulate the nootropic stacks in:

  1. Smarter Better Faster
  2. Nootropic stacks for the business professional 
  3. The Noopept Pro Stack List
  4. The Racetam God Guide
  5. The Beginners Guide to Aniracetam


  1. 13MG Noopept
  2. 100MG Alpha GPC
  3. 75MG Theacrine
  4. 5MG Fasoracetam
  5. 5MG Vinpocetine



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