Ep54: Residual memory effects from NGF nootropics

There are three primary reasons people take nootropics:

  1. To optimize brain performance now
  2. To optimize brain performance over the long term
  3. To alleviate brain performance deficits from something interfering with it.

And the second reason, seems to get a lot less attention these days. It’s as if optimizing the brain for the long term, isn’t as much of a priority as optimizing the brain right now. And understandably. People need performance. Trust me, I get it.

But, one of the most interesting things about my experience taking nootropics for such a long time, and particularly in experimenting a lot with Noopept, ALCAR, and Lion’s Mane, all of which have some solid science behind them demonstrating increased Nerve Growth Factor activity, is that I’m able to engage in certain cerebral tasks, in a way that I really didn’t have the capacity to before.

In the podcast above, we’ll lay it out in detail, but some of the major points are:

  1. I have experimented with Noopept pretty considerably over the years. A lot of the stack combinations I experimented with landed in the Noopept Pro Stack List.
  2. It has given me the ability to comprehend much of what I read, which I could never do prior to experimenting with nootropics, and Noopept particularly.
  3. But even now – when I cycle off of all nootropics, I still retain an ability to comprehend what I read. I’ve essentially cured my reading comprehension deficit from what I believe is… nootropics.
  4. The nootropics that have influenced this reality for me seemingly more than others ARE the nerve growth factor facilitating nootropics, like Noopept, ALCAR, and Lion’s mane.

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