Ep45: 3 Powerful Nootropic compounds for business productivity

Nootropics are pervasive in the business sector. It’s actually quite amazing, and it’s far more usual than you think.

And in this podcast, we lay out some of the most powerful nootropic stacks for business productivity. We’ll discuss Uridine monophosphate and associated stacks, a Modafinil/Oxiracetam centric stack, and a Theacrine nootropic combination that really turns on brain performance.

The layout of the podcast is as follows:

  1. Intro – basic explanation on nootropics in the business sphere.
  2. Product pro on Cortex, SBF, Racetam God Guide, and the Noopept Stack List, as well as our nootropics consulting.
  3. Uridine monophosphate in the business environment.
  4. Uridine dose range, and nootropic mechanism of action.
  5. A powerful Uridine nootropic stack for business productivity.
  6. Modafinil in the business sector
  7. Modafinil for business productivity
  8. A Modafinil/Oxiracetam nootropic combination
  9. A Theacrine/Noopept nootropic stack for working memory, focus, and business productivity.


ENJOY the podcast!

Ryan — 

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